Biden seals his fall, according to the parable of wheat and tares (Matthew 13)

Sadly, by that declaration Joe Biden unequivocally demonstrates he is NOT a Christian and, being no longer a fully observant member of the Roman Catholic church, is now eligible for excommunication. He alone is now responsible for his post-mortem state – AND of many others who act upon his decision. Continue reading

Endgame-Now-In-Play jigsaw pieces: REAPING of the ripe tares seeded by the evil one! (GPS#85.3)

I awoke these Words, “First to The Nation of America – and then to The Nations.”
“America, It’s time to go up! I say, it’s time to come up higher! Yes! The flood-waters are rising, but watch as I raise a righteous Standard! Continue reading

‘On-Cue’: USA reverts to days of lawless Wild West, BUT GOD… 1 ‘tares’

This is the post I’d begun Tuesday, as told in 12th Anniversary: Endgame is now in play…., then first thing Wednesday morning I checked the wheat and tares parable. So the piece is now split into two contrasting parts per the scripture and Jesus’ action plan, with the ‘tares’ first: Continue reading

12th Anniversary: ‘The Endgame is now in play’ – parable of the wheat and tares (GPS #59.2)

Sunday was the 12th anniversary of my first writing on Bible prophecy playing out in our days. And having been stunned by the privilege of being given the Lord’s opinion on the matter, I was left with absolutely no doubt whatsoever on it!!  But more on that shortly… Continue reading

All-consuming Fire of God and the Wheat & Tares (GPS #28.3)

And so the Global Prophecy Signals continue with this triple cluster…as happened 2 x 12 days ago (see New Year’s Day reflective trilogy) , our morning reading from Sanctuary – Moments In His Presence based on Moses at the ‘burning’ bush and hearing from the Lord God, this topic was reinforced by subsequent material – and thus once more confirming the validity of each message… Continue reading

2009 End-times revelation on ‘wheat & tares’ reinforced for 2019 (GPS#26.1)

[Neville Johson] There will now be a period of removing the tares from the church. This must happen before the harvest begins…We are now moving from the church age to the kingdom age. The ramifications of this are far reaching. On the 26th December 2018 I had an encounter with the Lord and one of his saints… Continue reading

‘God-incidental’ timing of Trump indictment and prophecies (PPU #52 & GPS #95.3)

To recap, here’s how the ‘Global Prophecy Signals’ or ‘God-incidences’ seem to have fallen into place in God’s Invisible Jigsaw:…such a mighty word that confirms my personal prayer for the situation based upon what I heard 15 years ago upon checking the wheat and tares parable… Continue reading

2009 Reprise: The Endgame is Now in Play – WE are watched! (Prophecy Progress Update 39)

I wrote 14 years ago…Even the previous director of MI5 warns about UK sleep-walking into a police state  (‘Abject nonsense’ responded a gov’t minister who lives on another planet)…and now George Orwell’s 1984 comes fully into play! Continue reading

2009 Reprise: The Endgame is Now in Play – Watch!

Upon awaking and focusing upon the Lord this morning I’m impressed to revisit my very FIRST writing circulated to just a very friends and church leaders for information.  NOW, it needs us to re-consider the GREAT import of Holy Spirit’s audibly alerting me to THE TRUTH of our Times, as well as another portion on political prescience that has now come to pass. Continue reading

What will it take to make the sleeping WAKE UP!! – Wanda Alger

“WANDA ALGER is a Prophet that I greatly warm to. Her gentle and affectionate, yet very steely, style is not at all hard for British folk to connect with…..”Many in the mainstream Church have become stuck in unbelief, unable and unwilling to hear some painfully hard truths. For some in the Body of Christ, the Trump prophecies have become a stumbling block and offense…” Continue reading

Personal time-points and pre-2017 candidate Trump cont’d – Veronika West poker game vision

…in view of our consideration on specific years of 2012 and 2016, when Trump was the Republican candidate for the 2017 presidential election, please note Richard’s remarks on timing…and yet another reference to the Trump-Biden high stakes poker game seen in Veronika West’s vision and my references to the high pile of the ‘stakes’ actually being people! Continue reading