Trump’s Mt Sinai Sojourn: watch who and what will emerge from a time in exile, says Veronika West

In Mt Sinai Sojourn With The Lord I invited readers to join me in mulling over a few more pieces of the Lord’s gigantic invisible jigsaw puzzle. They may be the part of the next one, or even a bigger one in which the 100-piece US Election Jigsaw sits, one showing the history, current situation and future of the dis-United States of America…Now, dear Veronika brings this 6th piece on Trump & His Mighty Men. Continue reading

More jigsaw pieces relating to Mt Sinai sojourn with the Lord

A regular contacts Elaine V, responds with the fourth and fifth pieces, and briefly summarises a powerfully striking and encouraging video; reminding me of what attorney Sidney Powell says: “It’s going to be an epic, Biblical time!”: Continue reading

The ‘Cornerstone’ and Georgia Guidestones and HG Wells ‘Men Like Gods’ – notes by Amanda Grace

With news from Leo Hohmann turning up on my WordPress notifications it was so easy to re-blog quickly.  But it made me search for a buried print of what Amanda Grace had published EXACTLY 1 YEAR TODAY, 7th July 2021!!  Continue reading

Gog-Magog Update: The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast from the East – Veronika West

Last night Veronika published what she’d earlier in the day heard from the Lord : We can perceive now the Lord’s wise plan for President Trump to be aside for a while, as in Veronika’s ‘Circus Clown’ vision, and thereby uninvolved as POTUS whilst on a possible ‘Mt Sinai Sojourn’ to allow the ”Joker’ and Queen’ to fall.
Ezekiel 38-39 refers to the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, Turkey and Iran) and this post of 19 January shows Turkey’s role relating to Russia/Ukraine: “Land flowing with milk and honey” = the Promised Land = modern Israel Continue reading

“I will not share My Glory…” re President Trump and USA – Veronika West

Published last night on Ignite Ireland Ministry and copied below by permission of His Kingdom Prophecy is this word which deals in depth with what I’ve termed Trump’s ‘Sinai Sojourn’: It is an AWESOME WORD FROM THE LORD ON HIS ALLOWING EVIL TO MANIFEST FULLY (like in the parable of the wheat and tares, Matt 13) AND ON DJ TRUMP’S ‘EXILE’ WHILST PEOPLE’S HEARTS GET CIRCUMSCRIBED. Continue reading

Holy Spirit says, “Brace yourself! Get ready for Jesus’ soon Return”

NOW, let’s consider that significant Sunday Message – I hope you’ll be able to set aside some time to watch, listen carefully and assimilate what Lillian Brown brings trembling under the Lord’s tangible touch…Furthermore, all this was only the first confirmation of those ‘nudges’ to change my focus upon Jesus’ return… Continue reading

Trump is being sharpened like a knife by God – Veronika West

So yesterday I was minding my own business…(busy cooking for my family in the kitchen)…when I reached out to grab a long sharp knife out of the Knife block to cut a piece of meat,…when suddenly, my right hand reached out and touched the handle of the knife,…a powerful image flashed before me in the realm of the Spirit,….where I saw an image of ‘PRESIDENT TRUMP AS A KNIFE BEING PUT UPON A WHETSTONE AND BEING SHARPENED BY THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD, Continue reading

Confirmation of exposure of corruption: Donna Rigney on more leaks

[Donna Rigney] “In every place where injustice has ruled, I AM exposing it! I’m taking it down and replacing injustice with My Spirit of Truth and Justice. Watch and you will see unjust rulings overturned and replaced by just rulings in all sectors of society. Watch and see those in the chains of injustice set free and instead set ablaze with fiery love. Justice will prevail and injustice will not!” Continue reading

On 22.2.2021 The Lord tells Timothy Dixon, “30 days…” – revisited

In the light of the prophetic words Hank Kunneman brought we need to reconsider a prophetic word Timothy Dixon heard direct from the Lord on 22nd February. ..He begins, “The Lord came to me last night and told me to speak about this and tell it to America, to the world and to the leaders of this country.” Continue reading

Powerful prophetic word of global shakings includes/confirms new election for Trump

Tim’s strongest warning words yet in referring to a great darkness coming over Washington DC. and into leaders’ and judges’ hearts along with global shakings as well as unprecedented revival with signs and wonders, and the Lord dealing with evil direct. Continue reading

Prophetic visions/words shared by Veronika West – 2: US political circus and collapse of the ‘clown’

It is particularly ‘God-incidental’ that late yesterday evening, after I’d watched the ‘4th jigsaw piece’ of Tim Dixon’s video of 29th January wherein he told what he witnessed outside the US Capitol in a spectacular dream wherein the Lion of Judah exited and he later saw,”Two people on donkeys are seen to the right-hand side outside the Capitol building. The chap with the staff strikes the ground and the man on the donkey clutches his heart and dies…” , Veronika posted this on her Facebook: Continue reading

The Mount Ararat Prophecy – Leisa Ebere

Leisa writes, ‘The Lord has given me a Global Prophetic Word, of which I believe is very significant in regards to His specific direction for the Body of Christ in the next 15 years. I was totally blown away when Father God shared with me specific nations that will be totally transformed by His Mighty Power in the days ahead.  We must be ready as His End-time army, to align ourselves with His purposes; for the great outpouring of His Spirit in Arab, Eastern European and Middle Eastern nations, will be unlike anything the world has ever known.  I sense that already His Move is being released upon the Earth for this purpose, Hallelujah!’ Continue reading

Is the ‘Hand of God’ a Sign for these Times?

One of this morning’s emails brought this new photo from NASA. It’s so right for what I was about to write. Click on the photo for details and here for a commentary on history.  Early photos of this pulsar nebular showed ‘fingers’ … Continue reading