‘New era’ prophetic words for Scotland and UK

[Chis Bennett] I hear the prayers from the Hebridean Revival echoing down the years. I see the Lord, delighted to hear them once again and urging today’s ‘Scottish Remnant’ to pray like that, with that urgency and fervour, once again. The prayers of His faithful rise to Him as incense and that incense is filling His bowls. The time of outpouring is so close now. I see the bowls being tipped and just starting to spill out. The Lord is about to move. I believe it’s going to start on the mainland this time. Although the islands will not miss out, they will not be the starting point. Continue reading

Scotland votes ‘NO’ – prophetic words revisited

“2014…you’re going to give birth to twins…” In case you haven’t yet heard: The Scottish people’s Yes for independence was expected to lead in yesterday’s voting. Opinion polls were expecting a close finish either way. But the first results showed a clear swing to No, … Continue reading

Blog Alert – ‘Start 2013 Right’ in Scotland and the North

THOSE who liked the popular Prophetic words for 2013 and live in Scotland, Ulster or Northern England may like to know that Rev. Dr Stone will be a guest of Emma Stark at Start 2013 Right in Glasgow on 11-12 January.  As one of Sharon’s panelists at the … Continue reading

Holy Spirit says, “Brace yourself! Get ready for Jesus’ soon Return”

NOW, let’s consider that significant Sunday Message – I hope you’ll be able to set aside some time to watch, listen carefully and assimilate what Lillian Brown brings trembling under the Lord’s tangible touch…Furthermore, all this was only the first confirmation of those ‘nudges’ to change my focus upon Jesus’ return… Continue reading

Last week’s Global Prophecy Signals on new Church also include Canada and USA (GPS #51.5 & #51.6)

LET’S look at those pieces (or signals) as well as a couple of new ones and note their origin. It all began with having nothing special to blog, which is most unusual for a day set aside for blogging. Then along came the signals, or pieces, that reveal something in the Lord’s heart and mind for His followers: Continue reading

“I Am Moving. Follow Me!” Word confirms the Lord’s instruction (GPS #51.2)

Published this afternoon, this word confirms the essence of last night’s Catch The Fire Farnborough meeting. In a fast-track summary of the Gospel of Mark, pastor Christopher Bird explained how it demonstrates Jesus’ Way of  building and ‘doing’ Church HIS way.  Continue reading

Prophecy of the Lord shutting down opposition and amplifying our voice (GPS #51.1)

…l ‘saw’ a pillar-like cloud of fire ‘attending’ that meeting. Therefore, I particularly note Nate and Christy’s reference to the Numbers 14:14 pillar in their posting entitled ‘In September God is shutting down the opposition against your mission & message and amplifying your voice’. Continue reading

Astonishing! Previous post gets immediate double-confirmation!! (Global Prophecy Signal #50)

I wasn’t prepared for the Lord getting on my case immediately and doubly!  First, regarding a geographical-cum-spiritual aspect I’d sensed – plus total unexpected reference by a reader to a hidden, textual attribute behind my reacting to and promoting Ben’s encouragement. Continue reading

Necessity of an End before a Beginning! – Steve Hepden

Whether it is a new beginning, new day, or new season many are sensing, or wanting something new to happen. If we are in a pause there must be a reason, because it won’t last forever. Could it be that God is saying things to us about need to change, or at least be open to change?…God is preparing us, and changing us, so that we will respond and cope with whatever He brings to fulfil His purpose. I’ve come to far to look back. x Continue reading