Prophetic dream of US Capitol, angels with flaming swords, the Constitution, 45 Presidents and King’s Ring, plus SCOTUS reference – Tim Dixon

This dream is highly significant in referring to Washington congratulating Trump and then (at 31:00) revealing a hidden, secret person with The King’s Ring, which he’s had since Trump left office. Continue reading

SCOTUS Justice Thomas: ”This is the end of Democracy, John.” — Dover Beach

Thank you ‘hitchhiker’ Tim Shey for alerting me to this from the only ‘media member’ imprisoned by Obama regime for a critical editorial. Hal Turner’s report begins: ‘THIS ARTICLE WAS PREVIOUSLY LOCKED AND FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.  IT HAS BEEN UNLOCKED … Continue reading

Prophecies coming to pass in America 8 – 18 States going to SCOTUS against Election fraud (F/P #10.22.1-3)

‘My interpretation of this dream encounter is this: Donald J. Trump is the man on that platform who is standing for LIFE. The opposition against him tried to take him out in his first election and couldn’t succeed. In this second election, heaven is now COMMISSIONING THE BODY OF CHRIST to take her place in order to RENDER A JUST VERDICT against enemy forces. He has prepared us for this time and given us the grace to stand secure… Continue reading

US Election’s NOT over: 26 – TEN (Wed pm: 16) states back Texas file against fraud to SCOTUS

ALSO yesterday on Newsmax TV,Trump’s lawyer Jordan Sekulow is reported as saying  that ‘Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit filed with the US Supreme Court is the “be-all, end-all case” for President Donald Trump’s ongoing and long-running election challenge. “The … Continue reading

Trump says election results going to SCOTUS – as prophesied!

Spotted this on my browser tab of this morning’s Koenig’s World Watch Daily: Hitting that second link produces: During this deeply divisive time across the ‘Pond’ with myriad correct and false reports (even on this blog, notably Update 13 – … Continue reading

Prophetic points on the SCOTUS marriage decision

In view of the suppression of free speech, Friday’s decision on equal marriage by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has ramifications beyond America. I’m so pleased not to be alone in understanding the possibility of a spiritual ‘crossover’ effect from here across the … Continue reading

The Lord says, “30 Days” on 7th anniversary of Kim Clement’s prophecy, and connects with Veronika West prophecy!

In concluding this “Thus saith the Lord” word, Tim provides the identity of a political leader who could be that whistle-blower – one like  Wanda Alger prophesied too. THEN, upon my waking this morning, I was reminded of the word published five days earlier by Veronika West, and which so aptly describes the conclusion of Tim’s word: Continue reading

A signet-ring nation will arise and become of divine significance in this decade – Veronika West

Early hours of this morning I was woken with an urgency in my spirit to pray again for the Nation of the USA…A Nation that I saw standing on the THRESHOLD OF THE GREATEST AWAKENING AND HARVEST THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN,…and suddenly I heard these words, Continue reading

Kim Clement prophecies NOW fulfilled: two US presidents, China’s “new kind of subtle war”, impeach, impeach!

“This nation shall come very subtly, but they shall not come in the time of President Obama…they shall come when this new one arrives, as My David, that I have set aside for this nation…” Continue reading

Facebook block on prayers in UK on 3rd November part of its US political and election malfeasance.

This should give you an idea of my deep interest as a Brit, arising from my blogging on prophecy as well my ‘coincidental’ awareness of  secret investigations and exposure of deep-state evils. Continue reading