Personal time-points and pre-2017 candidate Trump cont’d – Veronika West poker game vision

…in view of our consideration on specific years of 2012 and 2016, when Trump was the Republican candidate for the 2017 presidential election, please note Richard’s remarks on timing…and yet another reference to the Trump-Biden high stakes poker game seen in Veronika West’s vision and my references to the high pile of the ‘stakes’ actually being people! Continue reading

Quick check on new ‘jigsaw pieces’ in Trump-Biden poker game prophecy

As done for nearly 200 postings on this phenomena, let’s briefly check how the latest fit together in our monitoring of the prophetic visions and words received by Veronika West on the Trump-Biden high stakes poker game and the historic SCOTUS decision. Continue reading

Trump aides unknowingly affirm Nov 2020 Trump-Biden high-stakes poker game prophecy

Last night I came across a significant thread of items just published. They’re indicative of progress towards the fulfillment of prophetic visions of early November 2020 on the presidential elections, as recounted by Veronika West…Now, here’s what I captured on Richard’s Watch Telegram of Steve Schultz interview of Donald Trump’s confidant Kash Patel, as well as another pertinent reference to Time :: Continue reading

Prophecy of Trump-Biden Poker Game now connects into Devolution Theory!!

Tuesday’s post US 2020 Election Prophecies of Cheating Fulfilled… refers to the 2nd  dream in video by Veronika West entitled Trump-Biden Poker Game, for which I’ve blogged many times…Patel Patriot, author of the exceptionally researched series of in-depth articles on President Trump operating by means of Devolution, has recently made a reference to such a ‘game’:  Continue reading

Again, Media mirrors US Political Circus and Poker Game visions ‘seen’ by Veronika West

Once again we have more examples of the public media mirroring prophetic visions given to Veronika West…Bannon’s remarks in the final paragraph above with the opening and closing parts of transcript notes of Veronika’s video…And on the ‘disappearing Queen Veep’ in yesterday’s online Daily Telegraph… Continue reading

‘Subtle war’ and Two Presidents’ poker game prophecies are now playing out behind the scenes – 3 of 3

After carefully studying events behind the scenes relating to the contemporary dream the Lord gave Veronika about a vital Trump-Biden Poke Game, thereby indicating how it’s coming to pass, we now examine how the Devolution Theory reveals how both the prophecies Kim Clement brought some years earlier are also being fulfilled.
Come and dip into Patel Patriot’s Devolution Series with me as we note information that indicates, or even confirms, the fulfillment of the 2008 “Two Presidents” and the 2014 “A Nation Itching for Subtle War” prophecies. We’ll discover they come like a snowstorm of jigsaw pieces fitting precisely into the invisible jigsaw we’re completing (Part 2 refers) – AND learn how they connect into my own posts on Covid-19 being a man-made viral bio-weapon! Continue reading

‘Subtle war’ and Two Presidents’ poker game prophecies are now playing out behind the scenes – 2 of 3

We noted that Donald Trump would naturally keep his cards very close to his chest. Veronika refers to supporting teams as ‘administration’ and I note this has an especially significant meaning and role as we start looking over his shoulder at those cards he’s holding.

Furthermore, there’s another notably important feature in common with that prophetical poker game and actual events: namely, chronological, ‘God-incidental’ timing. It’s far too coincidental when we notice the nature of the ‘trump’ cards and of Trump’s ‘admin’ are rather like jigsaw pieces fitting together in another of God’s invisible jigsaws. Continue reading

‘Subtle war’ and Two Presidents’ poker game prophecies are now playing out behind the scenes – 1 of 3

We draw together the prophetic words and visions of South African Kim Clement before Donald J. Trump became a US electoral candidate, and later ones of Northern Ireland’s Veronika West when DJT is the incumbent POTUS . My intention is to try to describe how their prophecies interweave in a particular way in order to to come to pass in the ‘here and now’ – AND are found to apply to secular plans and events ‘behind the scenes’ but which could have no direct connection, except for the possibility of the prophecies foretelling them! Continue reading

Trump vs Biden Poker Game prophecy continues with Parliament’s ‘Full House’ against Biden!

As well as news headlines in USA echoing one Veronika West’s Joker, Queen & King  prophetic dream, today’s news here in the UK bears a direct relevance to the Trump vs Biden Poker Game she spoke about on 8th November last, and which appears in full in this posted 18th February: Continue reading

‘Bridge o’er Pond’ God-incidence confirms close of Trump-Biden poker game prophecy

Meanwhile over the ‘Pond’ in the ‘US heartlands,’ The Gateway Pundit’s tireless journalist Jordan Conradson was also working on a matter directly pertinent to my question… President 45’s Statement shows he’s insisting on this deeply divisive matter being thoroughly investigated and dealt with and bringing Dems game to a close – Time’s up!
NB: both mine and Jordan’s items were published 9 months after 3rd November election and, therefore, an extra-special birthing may have taken place! AND of course there’s Fbk kick-back! Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Report – Trump-Biden poker game (publ’d 8 Nov ’20)

Meanwhile Trump’s admin are still praying. Then Trump does something very strange and starts to take off his watch. Then he throws it into the middle of the table. The watch has the word ‘Triumph’ on it — It is a ‘Triumph Watch’.
As the watch hits the pile of gold, Trump lays his cards out on the table and I hear the words, “Full House!” Continue reading

Visions of Trump-Biden poker game and of the ‘Joker’ now echo in online press

Note, Howell writes ‘take our time’ and ‘sweep the table’; as well as of discord within  the White House – which connects into yet a third vision of Veronika’s!!!   I suggest, therefore, that you set aside a little while to read in full and weigh what she reports: Continue reading

Amusing follow-up to vision of Trump-Biden poker game

Do you recall Veronika West’s dream-vision in early November last of a high-stakes poker game between Donald Trump and Joe Biden? In view of all the rather serious recent postings it’s time for a little light relief. So, let’s look again at that game of poker – then at how another sees it. Continue reading

Comments on President Trump’s 15th November Announcement

SO, I never got to watch anything of Donald Trump making his announcement at Mar-a-Lago on 15th November, but one one my stalwart readers kindly permits me to quote his email : E’s “tuppence worth” is certainly worth much more because it’s an excellent insight and we later both agree DJT is a master strategist, as may be noted from the article cited in my previous post. But let’s take a closer look at the documentation and this very clear descriptive caption: Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Update 26: Mid-term election VINDICATES prophets and this blogger!

I’m don’t have time to follow US political events closely so I trust the above investigative ‘digital warrior’ – like many other – has his finger on the pulse > IT BEARS REPEATING: “OVER 200 CANDIDATES” elected to Congress are “VOCAL ABOUT ELECTION FRAUD”!!!
Continue reading

Voting vindicates Veronika West and prophets on Donald Trump

Those unable to consider Donald Trump as President whilst Biden is in ‘office’, need to  note there’s Biblical warrant for Trump’s holy calling to his nation, notwithstanding another’s temporary authority (as when king Saul ruled Israel): Now, with this week’s Republican Primary elections in America we’re getting a most interesting replay of the 2020 presidential election along the lines of scientific laws where a certain action has a specific reaction – but this time a trap has been set and has sprung!  What’s more, candidates endorsed by ‘kingmaker’ Donald Trump have won their contests…. Continue reading