Good vs Evil. Truth vs Lies in the exposure of political rot in USA – 1. the 3-vol Navarro Report on ‘The Steal’

In his Concluding Remarks Peter Navarro avers, “In the light of this evidence, it is impossible for anyone to claim that President Trump was in any way wrong in stoutly raising the question of election fraud and irregularities in the weeks following the November 3 election and in calling for his (74 million) supporters to PEACEFULLY protest.” Continue reading

US Election’s NOT over: 40 – The Art of The Steal, vol 2 of The Navarro Report (F/P #10.23 & #25.7 cont’d)

[Peter Navarro] ‘By implementing its Grand “Stuff the Ballot Box” Strategy, the Democrat Party and its political operatives have strategically gamed one of the most sacred elements of American democracy, our election system….’ Continue reading

Review of prophetic words on month of Awe-Gust

After our alarm clock rang on Bank Holiday Monday morning I recalled my suggestion to subscribers on my Telegram to review over the weekend prophetic words referring to this month.  The I realised prophets on opposite sides of ‘the Pond’ have brought words  on the Lord making governmental changes and so this applies not only to the UK but also and clearly implicit for the USA. Continue reading

Zuckerberg reveals FBI told Facebook to be wary of “Russian Disinformation” — Jonathan Turley

Recently, I wrote about the disclosure of an alleged back-channel between the CDC and Twitter on censoring critics of the agency and its recommendations. Now, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed how the FBI warned Facebook about “Russian propaganda” before the … Continue reading

President Trump condemns Biden regime’s ditching Constitutional rights

In view of time constraints I’m not tackling this in depth, save to say that my extensive coverage of 800 Centenary of The Magna Carta and of much earlier Anglo-Saxon legal codes of King Alfred The Great based upon Biblical principles, as being foundational not only for Great Britain and our Commonwealth, but also for the USA, plus principles of Justice and Righteous. So, I’ve taken a deep interest in the malfeasance endemic in our sister nation under God. Continue reading

Trump aides unknowingly affirm Nov 2020 Trump-Biden high-stakes poker game prophecy

Last night I came across a significant thread of items just published. They’re indicative of progress towards the fulfillment of prophetic visions of early November 2020 on the presidential elections, as recounted by Veronika West…Now, here’s what I captured on Richard’s Watch Telegram of Steve Schultz interview of Donald Trump’s confidant Kash Patel, as well as another pertinent reference to Time :: Continue reading

2021..22 pivotal events: 2 cont’d – questions on 6th January 2021 protest

In case you missed my postscript to the news of investigations into ballot harvesting in Georgia, here’s the mathematics that reminds us how unanswered legitimate queries over the integrity of procedures in the US Presidential Election of November 2020 led to disruptive events outside the US Capitol a year ago today: Continue reading

2021..22 pivotal events: 3 – US election integrity

Chilling out over the Christmas to New Year holidays with minimal online time enabled me to prune and re-organise my paper copies of informative articles as well as monitor events that may relate to the November 22nd prophetic word given to Amanda Grace: “..And says the Spirit of the Lord this day,watch the end of December leading into the first weeks of January on your calendar, something very pivotal is set to occur…” Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories Proven: 5 – Facebook is ‘brain-dead’, EU to return to Nazi Era?

By comparison with WordPress blogging, social media’s Facebook is much quicker and easier to share items of interest. On Friday I quickly shared The Gateway Pundit report onto Fbk on what Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, is said to  have declared about expanding covid vaccination programmes and dealing with the non-vaccinated population…BI+UT IT GOT BLOCKED! Continue reading

Morning News in US: errors in Arizona election should change the November 2020 outcome

Read full report at Although not a formal report of figures, totals in The Gateway Pundit’s report of the triple-run audit has found OVER 250,000 suspicious ie illegal ballots. This is close to the total assessed in Peter Navarro’s 3-vol … Continue reading

US election’s NOT over – the numbers don’t add up! (#1. Societal equation)

⁠After the highly debatable presidential election last year I began a series of US Election updates with William Koenig’s report of 6th November….Ruminating upon the current course of the dis-United States of America, devoid of the Lord’s direct intervention, it may be expressed in the form of an ‘equation’… Continue reading

Exposures continue: BOOM – 8th validation of “man-made virus” confirms it’s bio-weapon! (F/P #121.10.9)

I trust my regular readers will recall my account of when I asked the Lord about CV-19 He answered “It’s man-made”? 
We now have a whole series of news investigative reports as further validation of that word. Continue reading

US Election update: ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ in Maricopa, Arizona!

A forensic audit is being carried out of Maricopa county’s voting records, paper and electronic, for last November’s presidential election because Arizona was one of the ‘battleground’ states…. ‘Additionally, the audit teams found an entire database directory deleted from an election machine even though the details appear to have been covered by the subpoena. Combined with not finding the main database for the election management software, “This suggests that the main database for all election related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed,” says Arizona Senate President Karen Fann. Continue reading

Social media’s closing Christian comment, banning free-speech to demolish democracy is marxist conspiracy

Censorship of Covid-related news got ramped up six months ago and so did coverage of freedom of speech issues on this blog. In November Farce_buk started suppressing items favouring President Trump as part of the criminal conspiracy (ie. a real one) against his re-election.

This resulted in Fb blocking not only political opinion, especially on election fraud, but also prayers and prophecies for Trump – and Biblical material too!  Three investigative reports by Peter Navarro, former White House trade advisor, reveals it uses members of China’s Communist Party to conduct that censorship, as shown below….I didn’t quote fully in view of time constraints, but now at long last let’s read what Peter found and reported in The Art of the Steal of the Democrat party’s grand strategy to stuff the ballot-box Continue reading

‘Two President’ prophecy coming to pass. Can dis-United States of America be trustworthy ally and keep its place as global leader?

There’s a possibility that this prophecy will fully come to pass when the now increasing number of Americans who recognise what’s actually happening realise the good Trump did for their nation and the world – dare I say it – invite him back! Continue reading