Umpteenth validation of the Lord’s saying CV-19 is “man-made” emerges as earliest ‘intel’

After awakening ten days short of three years ago, I asked the Lord which of several options, or none, explains the origin of the pandemic caused by Covid virus….Six weeks later, two ‘intel’ sources became the first of many subsequent, independently sourced validations… Continue reading

Pfizer exposure fulfills TWO prophecies – ‘Man-made’ CV19 and exposure of corruption

Upon waking Tuesday morning, 24th March 2020, I recalled having done that and, therefore, asked the Lord, “Is the pandemic from You?” ~ and got an immediate answer: “No, it is man-made!!” (Thus, the possibility of Covid-19 being deliberately engineered by China as a weapon of biological warfare!) Continue reading

MORE validations of the Lord’s word on CV-19: “It’s man-made”

On January 10, 2023, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 365 to 65 in favor of a resolution to establish the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, chaired by Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI). The following information is worthy of further investigation by that committee. Continue reading

Covid-19: UK’s health regulator papers validate prophecy of “man-made” – the Greatest Crime in History!

This reported by the exceptionally industrious The Expose News – which is fighting for its financial life against WEF action!! – makes 11th validation of the Lord’s answering my query about the origin of the never-isolated Covid-19 virus – “It’s man-made!” Continue reading

10th validation (scientific) of “man-made” CV-19 virus (FP #121.10.12)

2nd of 3 news screenshots after TGP-linked image: CONCLUSIVE: COVID-19 Was Made in a Laboratory – Without a Reckoning, Even More Deadly Pandemics Are in Our Future PLUS: BREAKING: Judge Grants MO AG Request to Depose Dr. Fauci, Jen Psaki, … Continue reading

9th high-level validation of the Lord’s saying covid-19 “is man-made” (F/P#121.10.10)

Found and forward onto Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations Telegram this morning and added to blog’s library… Newer readers may wish to peruse extensive record of entries on the above – it’s a page on this blog’s Prophecies Fulfilled hub – With 3 minutes to go I’ve scheduled (ie ‘cued’) publication for 17:00 hrs on 18th. Continue reading

US Foreign Affairs C’tee findings confirm Richard’s Watch on “man-made virus” leaked from ‘bio-secure’ Wuhan Institute of Virology, China

This report with in-depth background by Julian Conradson published Wednesday in Australian Harry Robertson’s POST comes as absolutely no surprise to readers who’ve followed my coverage of Covid-19 as a bio-weapon engineered by China’s communist party and military.  Julian writes… Continue reading

Prophecies fulfilled on man-made virus – 3. from 2014

Only after reading Linda’s and Jane’s messages of last night did I realise they may fit with a short video Mark Davies had emailed me on Monday, but which I hadn’t seen as I need to restrict tightly my viewing times. I didn’t know him until he sent me the transcript of the Dr Martin – Dr Fuellmich interview and now he writes, Continue reading

Prophecies fulfilled on man-made virus and whistleblowers: medics speaking against deep state conspiracy – 2. from America

BUT…along came a couple of messages on a related topic that I was aware of, and the first of which I blogged in the previous post.  Then I ‘twigged’ both connect into what I’ve been blogging about on CV-19 as biological weapon, especially against which vaccines had already been patented (see trilogy on Incontrovertible Proof). Continue reading

Incontrovertible proof of Covid-19 bio-weapon fulfills 4 prophecies – man-made virus, exposures, another Snowden, China’s subtle war (God’s GPS#65))

1> March 2020 – my asking the Lord on various options of cause of pandemic and corona-virus, then hearing “No it is man-made” . Implies creation in laboratory, as revealed by, eg, Tomi Arayomi, Tracy Cooke, Charlie Shamp.
2 > May 2016 – my prophetically musing Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics – UK, USA, next EU? and dozens of examples of it subsequently coming to pass.
3> February 2014 – Kim Clement on “another whistle-blower like Snowden” and in Dec 2020 Wanda Alger on high-level criminal whistle-blowers.
4> February 2014 – Kim,  “a nation itching for a new kind of subtle war” with USA. Continue reading

MAJOR: media catches up with God’s answer on Covid-19 – “It’s man-made!” China’s culpability now exposed…

This comes as absolutely no surprise to my regular readers because almost 15 months ago I reported on asking the Lord direct about the pandemic’s origin…Had it not been for MSM’s five years’ continual hatred of President Trump, the world would have accepted that he was correct about the pandemic’s origin. Now that truth is being proved, it paves the way for his claim about the criminally fraudulent 2020 election becoming proven and  widely accepted. Continue reading

Exposures continue: BOOM – 8th validation of “man-made virus” confirms it’s bio-weapon! (F/P #121.10.9)

I trust my regular readers will recall my account of when I asked the Lord about CV-19 He answered “It’s man-made”? 
We now have a whole series of news investigative reports as further validation of that word. Continue reading

7th validation and anniversary of the Lord saying Covid-19 is “man-made” (F/P #121.10.8)

A year ago today, 23rd March 2020, I was mulling over the news, articles, scriptures and contemporary prophecies on the pandemic originating in China. So that night I put it to the Lord and upon waking the next morning, asked Him about it and got an answer right away – but didn’t divulge it for weeks until a top-level source validated what I’d heard. Then along came more validations! Continue reading

Exposure of lies continues with 5th validation of Covid-19 being man-made and “intentionally” released! (F/P #121.10-5 & #10.13 cont’d)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson specifically asked Dr. Li-Meng Yan, “whether she believed the Chinese Communist Party released the virus “on purpose.” Continue reading