The Statue of Liberty weeps – Neil Mackereth

Neil sent it to me on Saturday 14th August and closed with a poignantly pertinent, if not prophetical, insight which I underlined and now embolden the whole ‘I am convinced that something unprecedented is about to happen – This is a test of faith!’ Then the next Saturday, he submits : Continue reading

The Trump Presidency: parable, allegory or test of faith? – Neil Mackereth

Is Donald Trump’s Presidency a parable? It certainly has parallels (a modern-day Cyrus?) and I suspect that the full significance of what has been, and is, happening will soon be revealed. In the meantime, do we have eyes to see, and the wits to interpret, the possible Biblical precedents? Continue reading

“NO MORE APPEASEMENT” says the Lord – Neil Mackereth

What I write here is determined by God, not by my own inclination. To some that may sound presumptuous. There is no doubt that we are in a world where we deify common sense and rely on our own understanding: some seek to imply that their deliberations are the thoughts of God. My utmost resolve is devotion to Jesus Christ, an unflinching loyalty to the Word of God and humility in service. The Lord has laid this topic on my heart; as always, the reader is urged to weigh and test. Continue reading

ARE WE READY? (GPS #61.1) – Neil Mackereth

‘…even as I write I think in terms of there being no hurry. But time is short. Satan’s onslaught on mankind is reaching a climax (the climax?): those with eyes to see and ears to hear, recognise that the tumultuous world events that we are witnessing indicate that End-Times prophecies are being fulfilled as we watch…’ Continue reading

Wow-Wotta-Wednesday: Know our enemy’s strategy – Neil Mackereth

The Word of God is a necessary and authoritative guide for our well-being. It is clear, accurate, necessary and sufficient to all our needs. The Bible is best read with integrity, in context and, above all, with Holy Spirit guidance. It is explains God’s plan for the redemption of mankind and it tells us what will happen next. I make my views plain so that what I am about to write will not be misconstrued. The Bible does not say what liberals want to hear. In fact, if God chose to publish His Ten Commandments on social media, His account would be closed. Continue reading

Neil Mackereth: Propaganda –> Manipulation –> Entrapment

‘Dear Richard, A “God-Incidence”, “God wink”, big nudge! Just read your blog, Cesare Sachetti’s input, this morning. I wrote the attached yesterday…Whichever way events lead, time is short. We pray for a huge outpouring of the Spirit and a mighty revival. May the conviction of sin and the gift and agony of repentance fall with such power and authority that multitudes commit their lives to Jesus.’ Continue reading

Incremental steps to Hell – Neil Mackereth (GPS #55.3 & 56.1)

Further to my re-blog of last Thursday of Mario Murillo on lies Christians tell and hear and my writing on satanic strategy and nest of snakes, Neil follows (hence God’s GPS) with: “In this time of startling exposure and Machiavellian … Continue reading

Urgent Covid word confirmed: next 40 days critical – Neil Mackereth

The urgency of the moment cannot be overstressed. The next 40 days are critical. We should seek to align ourselves, our prayers and our actions, with God’s purposes. The remnant have an awesome responsibility in this hour to proclaim the Word of God and humbly yearn for, and sincerely intercede on behalf of all, who do not know the Lord. Continue reading

Jesus says, “Watch With Me” – Neil Mackereth (GPS #51.7)

‘The Lord has been speaking to me about prayer, over the last few days: the difference between watching with Him and watching for Him! He’s made it clear that we should do our utmost to attune our soul, mind and spirit to see what is happening around us with HIS eyes and understanding. Continue reading

For such a time as this, read ‘The Manual’ – Neil Mackereth

Neil writes to me, “The imminence of a great move of God, followed by the rapid fulfilment of End-Times prophecy, is burgeoning. “The spirit of lawlessness is prowling around while the silent majority cower in face of the onslaught from … Continue reading

Simplicity of the Gospel and in Evangelism and in End-Times – Neil Mackereth

The Lord has been laying on my heart the need for simplicity. I have felt a growing urgency for clarity and, in particular, the avoidance of theological obfuscation…Our Gospel message to enquiring non-believers needs to be simple and unmistakable. Continue reading

Sanctuary (Britain’s role) – Neil Mackereth

This morning, whilst working on a paper about the history of Replacement Theology, I had a word from the Lord. I had returned to the start to add: ‘A lie that is wrapped in many layers of brilliant, scholarly, eloquent, heart-warming, loving, compassionate and seemingly reasonable exegeses, is still a lie,’ when the Lord broke in and said… Continue reading