Media image mirrors prophetic dream of circus, clown – ‘Joker’ Joe and ‘Queen’ Kamala with ‘King’ DJT’s stolen crown!

Posted on my Facebook this morning as another example of the prophetic dream of Veronika West’s being fulfilled, but subsequent tragic news of bomb attacks in Kabul mean this is no longer a comedy. Continue reading

‘Circus’ prophecy now moving from Joker to Queen…

Let’s revisit the pertinent parts of a change of ‘act in the vision Veronika was watching and note especially references to timings and implicit imminent upheaval in this political circus…Note the latest news/opinion is reporting an imminent change of ‘Act’ from symbolic ‘Joker’ to ‘Queen of Hearts,’ starting with this Comment published mid-afternoon yesterday over this side of the ‘Pond’: Continue reading

Headlines echo ‘Joker, Queen and Trump’s stolen crown’ prophecy

THIS latest in my updates on the ‘Joker’ dream vision of Veronika West published by His Kingdom Prophecy on 16th January last is very poignant in view of sudden events over the last week in Afghanistan and America’s deep humiliation, which is not totally unexpected according to the prophetic material I’ve been blogging! NOW, we have more indications of this prophecy coming to pass Continue reading

Visions of Trump-Biden poker game and of the ‘Joker’ now echo in online press

Note, Howell writes ‘take our time’ and ‘sweep the table’; as well as of discord within  the White House – which connects into yet a third vision of Veronika’s!!!   I suggest, therefore, that you set aside a little while to read in full and weigh what she reports: Continue reading

Veronika West prophecy of ‘Joker, Queen and The King’s Stolen Crown’ coming to pass

Further to my first news of Veronika’s intriguing vision of a ‘circus and collapse of the clown’ (as published 16 Jan 2021, His Kingdom Prophecy) coming into fulfilment, here’s more this week. Here’s an extract from last night’s Eye-View From … Continue reading

Voting vindicates Veronika West and prophets on Donald Trump

Those unable to consider Donald Trump as President whilst Biden is in ‘office’, need to  note there’s Biblical warrant for Trump’s holy calling to his nation, notwithstanding another’s temporary authority (as when king Saul ruled Israel): Now, with this week’s Republican Primary elections in America we’re getting a most interesting replay of the 2020 presidential election along the lines of scientific laws where a certain action has a specific reaction – but this time a trap has been set and has sprung!  What’s more, candidates endorsed by ‘kingmaker’ Donald Trump have won their contests…. Continue reading

Prophecies fulfilled by Obama’s visit to White House and cartoons of Biden

Ever so quickly being long-weekend for readers to note, ‘hat tip’ Tim Shey for his comment and to Veronika West for posting. First, this 1 minute video of brief prophetic word on 1st February 2020 with fulfillment on 5th April – NB: not shown that Obama took the lead upon their on entry to the room: Continue reading

A Prophetic Riddle (with news): the Puppet Masters, a Global Reset, WW III… – Veronika West

I managed to capture screenshots before this prophetic word was taken off Facebook on 18th March, but  thenVeronika managed to get it posted in full that day Continue reading

Gog-Magog Update: The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast from the East – Veronika West

Last night Veronika published what she’d earlier in the day heard from the Lord : We can perceive now the Lord’s wise plan for President Trump to be aside for a while, as in Veronika’s ‘Circus Clown’ vision, and thereby uninvolved as POTUS whilst on a possible ‘Mt Sinai Sojourn’ to allow the ”Joker’ and Queen’ to fall.
Ezekiel 38-39 refers to the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, Turkey and Iran) and this post of 19 January shows Turkey’s role relating to Russia/Ukraine: “Land flowing with milk and honey” = the Promised Land = modern Israel Continue reading

3 contacts in 3 minutes confirm prophecies on Trump and Biden (Humpty Trumpty vs Humpty Dumpty – GPS#77.1)

Friday morning I unexpectedly got feedback of those ‘strikes’ being ‘bang on target’! Online activity over our long-weekends is minimal and we were heading out for 9am, but I quickly checked for any comments on the blog and my attention was drawn to the previous days statistics – whoa there, 1771 views, where’s I seen that before?  8:30am (approx) – That number was the exact time on 10th January that Veronika West I separately posted updates on her ‘Joker’ prophecy, and which I report upon in… Continue reading

Prophecy of US Democrats demise fulfilled: 1 – vision of donkeys with bricks

Veronika follows up with this intriguing, notable insight:   “I have to say what I found interesting reading through the (2019) word again was the clay bricks that were laid upon the backs of the donkeys,…with Biden’s slogan being ‘BUILD BACK BETTER’…when it’s more like BUILD BACK UNTIL BROKE!!!  Very interesting to note this detail.” Continue reading

Are issues with ‘Veep’ Harris in the 2021…22 Word of the Lord? (GPS #76.1)

Let’s recall the closing paragraphs of the Part 1 extract I quote in Prophecy of Very Pivotal Event Over Changing Year 2021-22. (Note the mid-paragraph may relate to  the visionary word Veronika West received about Biden as a ‘circus clown’ or Joker and Vice President Harris as ‘Queen’ and both collapse before Donald Trump returns as ‘King’ –  as for example, in Circus Prophecy Now Moving From ‘Joker’ to ‘Queen’.) Continue reading

Again, Media mirrors US Political Circus and Poker Game visions ‘seen’ by Veronika West

Once again we have more examples of the public media mirroring prophetic visions given to Veronika West…Bannon’s remarks in the final paragraph above with the opening and closing parts of transcript notes of Veronika’s video…And on the ‘disappearing Queen Veep’ in yesterday’s online Daily Telegraph… Continue reading