The Lord’s Jigsaw Puzzle: Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech to the Muslim world

Now, after yesterday’s ‘God-incidental’ references to Barack Obama it’s time to reprise one of my earliest emails to friends on biblically-telated events. In fact, we could consider it as the first piece of the Lord’s jigsaw puzzle that features him, and if which I’ve found and fitted into place 226 pieces thus far. Continue reading

The Lord’s Jigsaw Puzzle: Mar-a-Lago is all about the Iran Deal – Bioclandestine

[In view of what I was inserting on Robin Bullock’s aside about Obama and Iran]
Alright, it’s time for in depth breakdown on the escalation of the Mar-a-Lago raid. For those who didn’t see it, someone (purportedly the FBI), leaked this photo, from the FBI raid. The docs are laid out in the floor in Mar-a-Lago. While everyone is arguing about who put them there, the juice is in the photo… Continue reading

The Lord’s Jigsaw Puzzle: Mar-a-Lago raid triggered OT prophecy into play – Robin D Bullock

This is a resolute thing, He has spoken and, Steve, I will tell you this – this is what He told me: “THIS IS WHAT WAS TRIGGERED AND WENT INTO PLACE, INTO MOTION, WHEN THEY RAIDED MAR-A-LAGO!  When they did that they triggered this prophecy!” “So that was His red-line!” responds Steve – “That’s a good way to put it!” Continue reading

Quick check on new ‘jigsaw pieces’ in Trump-Biden poker game prophecy

As done for nearly 200 postings on this phenomena, let’s briefly check how the latest fit together in our monitoring of the prophetic visions and words received by Veronika West on the Trump-Biden high stakes poker game and the historic SCOTUS decision. Continue reading

Stop Press: Another piece of the ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ falls into place!

Here we go again – thank and praise you Lord…it’s so good to get confirmation for this  short anniversary series – and by way of another piece in the Invisible Jigsaw! That’s what I wanted to name this blog BUT I just could NOT find a suitable image LOL! Continue reading

Surprise > 4th jigsaw piece on Obama, Biden and deep state US-Italy axis

NB: this must have ‘God-incidentally’ popped into my attention for a reason! First, a US news item on a political personage, in tandem with my making notes in UK from a prophecy video, whilst another source in US speaks about that character. Then whilst this Brit blogs on those ‘jigsaw pieces,’ an Italian publishes his investigation into Obama!!!! Uncanny – or else of the Lord Continue reading

More jigsaw pieces relating to Mt Sinai sojourn with the Lord

A regular contacts Elaine V, responds with the fourth and fifth pieces, and briefly summarises a powerfully striking and encouraging video; reminding me of what attorney Sidney Powell says: “It’s going to be an epic, Biblical time!”: Continue reading

End-Times Briefing 7: New Ager sees first pieces of God’s ‘jigsaw’

How a New Age follower got hooked into the Bible’s prophecies. A unique take from die-hard anti-Christian confronted by facts in non-Christian book! As an ex-unbeliever rescued by Jesus Christ in person and ‘born-again’ by Holy Spirit into life everlasting … Continue reading

More pieces to Emerald Isle invisible jigsaw, including ‘code-breaker’

In discussing the following message to Veronika West with her, I find its ‘unwrapping’ is good teaching on spiritual territory, much like what was taught and practised in spiritual mapping and prayer walking…The first part of this vision is extremely significant – it is first an amazing confirmation of what has taken place concerning the countries that makes up The Nation of Britain regarding breaking out of EU; the recovery of The Priestly Heritage of Britain… Continue reading

Invisible Jigsaw pieces of the ‘Emerald Isle’

In corresponding with Veronika about the significance of numerical codes in prophecy, and especially on insights relating to her recent sands-of-time vision, she updates me about developments and encourages me to share this exciting vision in advance of her writing … Continue reading

7th ‘jigsaw piece’: yet another coincidental Press headline, or is it ‘God-incidental’?

[Veronika West] ‘As I read the headlines this morning I heard the Spirit say, “WATCH! FOR GREAT BRITAIN WILL BE BASKING IN THE LIGHT OF MY GLORY AND ALL NATIONS WILL BE DRAWN THE BRIGHTNESS OF HER RISING”..! Continue reading

5th ‘jigsaw piece’: last week’s Glory Feast in He(a)rts

Conference convener Robin Jegede-Brimson, about whose prophetic alliance in South-east England I cover here, has today posted on his Facebook news of what happened, plus several videos, at this Glory Feast: Continue reading

‘Jigsaw pieces’ portray 27th June’s significance in prophecy

I wonder if the ‘invisible’ picture being revealed by these few pieces is what Wigglesworth’s prayer partner saw in 1997 leaving him so speechless and his face radiant? Therefore, all these pieces suggest that original vision is now about to manifest. Continue reading

Triple synchronisation of ‘jigsaw pieces’ on Time!

A week ago today three ‘invisible jigsaw’ pieces fell into place and left me in awestruck wonder. So, allow me to ‘blow your mind’ – or rather to open it up your spiritual senses! SO we have the arrival of THREE items synchronised within 8 hours of one another that are all connected in one way or another to time, telling time and the passage of time. Don’t you think the Lord is deliberating pointing out something important’s happening or about to take place? Continue reading