Bible’s Genesis 12:3 brings stunning election results!

Therefore, I sense the Lord’s hand in our general election in applying His promise to Britain by blessing Boris Johnson’s campaign with a massive, landslide electoral victory – and capsizing the main opposition party because of its deep anti-Semitism, as well as knocking the Liberal Democrats leader off her perch… Continue reading

Genesis 12 and deceit of Turkey’s president cont’d

On Monday, Donald Trump said he thought he had a deal with Turkey’s president when he helped to persuade Israel to free a detained Turkish citizen!  He’d thought Erdogan would then release American evangelist Andrew Brunson…After deceiving Trump and defaulting on their agreement, Erdogan has now stepped into the stalled haggling over plans to obtain a truce to alleviate the situation in Gaza. Continue reading

Genesis 12 cont’d: Turkey’s anti-Christian stance

Following the previous post on a few national leaders who bless or curse Israel and, noting Turkey’s Erdogan fits the bill, I draw your attention to Caroline Glick’s latest, perspicacious as ever in-depth analysis and encourage you to read it in its entirety. Her methodical manner of recapitulating an issue’s history is helpful to those new to the topic, as well as adding weight to her observations and sound conclusions.  Continue reading

Bible Update: Genesis 12 blessing and curse in the news

I was reminded of this passage last weekend as being the explanation for the amazing news of financial markets in the US defying the tumult convulsing rest of the world! And today upon reading William Koenig’s Eye View from the White House Genesis 12 crops up again: Continue reading

Bible Update: Genesis 12 – Dr Sharon Stone 2018 prophecy on the US Dollar

All Christians who are keen on learning more about the gift of prophecy and the office of prophet are warmly advised to listen to Dr Sharon Stone’s wise instruction on receiving annual prophecies. Her wisdom and experience intersperse updates a previous prophetic word and what she believes the Lord is saying for this year…Although Genesis 12 isn’t necessarily referred to, its promissory declaration of the Lord is foundational to and implicit in the prophecy that Sharon says has been fulfilled and in what she heard on Israel and about America’s prosperity. Continue reading

A historic day, not only for Britain but also globally re. Genesis 12 & Psalm 2

Let us never, ever forget the essential prime point…in leaving the EU is to remove ourselves from its inequitable system of judiciary injustice…(It) will enable Britain to move back into its God-given destiny and, as Mrs May has a far better appreciation of the purpose and role of Israel in the world than anti-Semitic EU, we can expect the Lord to follow-up His promise to bless us – AND as arranged during PM Netanyahu’s visit to London last month, a British-Israeli task force is proceeding to prepare for new trade deals now Article 50 has been triggered. (After USA, the UK is Israel’s second largest trading partner.) Continue reading

End-Times Briefing 12: an overview of the Book of Revelation

Apostle John conveys to his first-century readers the unveiling of Jesus. It’s something like the showing of a video of a Monarch and his court. The Book of Revelation is written for Christians who understand the language of faith, which is unique to Christian experience… Continue reading

Amazing geometrical symmetry of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 (cont’d)

So far we’ve learned the Bible has proven and demonstrable mathematical meanings buried within its text when letters are converted into numerical values. Moreover, many forms of mathematical operations and principles may be discovered…And that’s only when taking ordinary three-dimensional space into account. Also hidden within Genesis is a descriptive name of God and a a direct link to the nature of Time! Continue reading

Amazing geometrical symmetry of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1

Introduction Eighteen months ago I introduced readers to an astonishing mathematical revelation buried within the very first verse of the holy Bible and that of the Gospel according to John. Without the burden of numerical details I showed extracts from … Continue reading