US Election’s NOT over: 11 – Facebook blocks info on fraud

Whilst preparing yesterday’s blogs on the US Elections prophecies…followed by screen-shots for Updates 9 and 10, I was corresponding…on background information. BUT then I got BLOCKED once again by social media’s thought policing, as shown below…the suppressed in-depth damning expose reads… Continue reading

US Election’s NOT over: 3 – Facebook ‘corrects’ Team Trump!

Notice how Facebook has the audacity to insert post-election adverts onto Team Trump about Biden onto ALL its postings!. To any reasonable-minded person, added to its recent censoring on behalf of the Biden family, constitutes blatant proof of its political bias! Continue reading

America falling giants prophecy – Facebook’s come-uppance?

Friday’s centre-pages op-ed of the Daily Telegraph and its World News section did not fail to grab my attention in view of my Newsflash: update on ‘whistleblowers’, and in “giants will fall” – especially as an appropriate follow-on to my recent posts… Continue reading