It Begins: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections — Leo Hohmann

Further evidence the dis-United States of America urgently needs God’s direct intervention to deal with all the evil and deep injustice endemic across all areas of governmental authority.

For an exceptional iinvestigation of how and why the honoured FBI changed under Obama, read… Continue reading

UK Press headlines Biden’s bent FBI attack upon parents – Deep-State intel

Further to my previous posts on deeply suspicious activities of the once-respected FBI and of Biden’s Attorney General Garland on their treating parents of school children as domestic terrorists, this can only lead to the demise of the Democratic Party: Continue reading

‘Targeting Trump: Durham uncovers new Clinton-FBI connection in Russia probe’ — kommonsentsjane

Further to this blog’s coverage of this matter in Monday Newsmix of 20th September and 11th October and Patel’s reference to it in his interview, those who are new to this important issue will find Jane’s above-linked update a comprehensive yet easy-to-read summary of the situation. Continue reading

2016 prophecy comes to pass in released transcripts of FBI/DOJ’s corrupt ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation (F/P 10.25 & 25:10)

JANUARY 15, 2021 Judiciary Committee Releases Transcripts of Interviews Conducted During Oversight of Crossfire Hurricane Investigation WASHINGTON – The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), today released transcripts of interviews conducted during its inquiry into the … Continue reading

Monday Newsmix 3 – Trump proved right about Clinton’s Russia collusion slander: Deep-State continues to shake

[TGP] ‘Transcripts from a discussion President Trump had with Omarosa and others in the White House were released by turncoat Omarosa on NBC. In the discussion, President Trump noted that someone was able to tie records back to Hillary on $9 million spent on the Russia collusion scam…’ Continue reading

A Reminder – Warning of worse than Watergate scandal surfacing

In ‘going where the evidence leads’ Melanie Philips, one of Britain’s leading columnists, writes ‘If you are in Britain and relying on the BBC and mainstream media for your information, you probably won’t know that a political scandal has been developing in the Washington swamp which has the potential to make Watergate look positively puny by comparison. You probably won’t know that what passes for the accepted wisdom about President Trump may be in the process of being turned on its head…’ Continue reading

As prophesied, exposures of America’s deep rot just keep on rolling out!

[Tim Shey] The big question is why did the FBI raid Project Veritas now and not a year ago? Probably because NOW some powerful people are getting very nervous about the Durham Report. When God’s timing is involved, exposing the wicked reaches critical mass and then things really fall apart for the wicked. Continue reading

Aspect of ‘October Surprise’ prophecy coming to pass…(updated 8 Nov)

Update Monday 8th Nov: Source: Saturday 6th Nov:  A change in our weekend arrangements enables me to post this update (chronological order):

‘October Surprise’ Newsmix 2 – the real ‘insurrection’!

One ‘surprise’ in America could be the outcome of the enquiry into the 6th January protest march at the US Capitol, subsequent actions and investigations. In my opinion President Trump may be about to go into ‘The Reveal,’ which I believe is his exposure of all the secret dealings of his political enemies since he became president and especially in November’s election.  Here’s more screenshots relating to last November’s election: Continue reading

Deep-State sedition & election theft revealed by former CIA officer

The latest part of Devolution Series lists Eisen as law school classmate of student with Obama and student of Saul Alinsky’s political subversion… Eisen developed it much further as author of the ‘Color Revolution’ regime change manual ‘The Playbook’. This instructs politicians and operatives in destabilizing of foreign states and is also being applied to the USA!!  Continue reading

Update on ‘behind the scenes’ prophecies on Deep-State: 1 – Amanda Grace, “wire-fraud…deep under hood”

Further to the recent ‘Behind the Scenes’ trilogy, we return to the Word from the Lord which Amanda Grace heard on 31st August and in which He speaks upon:…I believe meaning of point 12 has now emerged in the latest part to Devolution Series….THEN in covering Crowdstrike in depth we can perceive how it fulfills what Amanda heard about what’s under the ‘hood’, viz: “A wire-fraud so deep by a company claiming to do good but involved deep under the HOOD”.  Continue reading

Monday Newsmix: legal action against Deep-State

UPDATE on weekend’s Has The Reveal Begun? with Dan Bongino’s report on legal action against Clinton conspiracy and Deep-State’s treasonous action against President Donald Trump whilst in office. My previous posts on the ‘Devolution Theory’, especially covering ‘The Silent War’ have provided some background on Obama-Clinton-Biden treachery. As ever this is offered for information and monitoring progress of prophecies… Continue reading