Former Italian PM Renzi and the Italian Deep State worried about Durham’s Investigation into the Russiagate sham – GTP & Cesare Sacchetti

[The Gateway Pundit] As John Durham digs into his investigation of the Russiagate scam that was pushed around the globe, Italy’s Deep State is reportedly getting worried about what Durham may uncover. We reported in 2020 that the origins of the Trump – Russia collusion, Russiagate or Spygate,… Continue reading

Durham: 5 witnesses connected to the Clinton Campaign’s false Russian claims have refused to cooperate under the 5th Amendment — Jonathan Turley

Special Counsel John Durham continues to drop bombshells in filings in the prosecution of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. Just last week, Durham defeated an effort by Sussmann to dismiss the charges….. Continue reading

Prophetic confirmation on the historic ‘Durham Boat’ – Dutch Sheets (GPS #80.3)

Now that I’ve got around to gathering these items, I’m suddenly awe-struck by these God-incidental Global Prophecy Signals of 10th, 15th and 16th February. Did you check the images of George Washington’s historic crossing of the Delaware river in my post of Monday 14th? Continue reading

On cue, God-incidence and prophecies fulfilled re. Durham investigation!

have you – like me – considered the war-mongering between Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA and the impotent EU as being a ‘coincidental distraction’ to avert mainstream media from the truth emerging about a scandal worse than Watergate!!!  Praise the Lord that Putin has drawn back from ‘the brink’ – but I understand that, like Trump, he too is against the Deep-state’s globalism.  Continue reading

Durham exposes new links to Clinton campaign in creation of Russian collusion scandal — Jonathan Turley

Our focus on easy-to-read insights into this “Worse than Watergate scandal” continues,  because details and implications appear to connect not only into the ‘Two Presidents’ and ‘October Surprise’ prophecies of 2008 and 2021 brought by Kim Clement  and Amanda Grace, but also into finer points of the Devolution Theory of continuance of secure government – more later! Continue reading

‘Targeting Trump: Durham uncovers new Clinton-FBI connection in Russia probe’ — kommonsentsjane

Further to this blog’s coverage of this matter in Monday Newsmix of 20th September and 11th October and Patel’s reference to it in his interview, those who are new to this important issue will find Jane’s above-linked update a comprehensive yet easy-to-read summary of the situation. Continue reading

Monday Newsmix 3: John Durham investigation-litigation exposes Deep-State

After Devolution Theory: is it Trump’s Reality?, and then my As Prophesied re Two Presidents: Reveal of Biden’s Can of Worms Expected Soon – wherein we considered scandals of Obama’s tenure, including ‘Spygate’ (which is an aspect of the ‘Russia-gate’ accusations against Donald Trump; in reality part of the attempted ‘soft coup’ against a sitting president – here’s the latest developments…here’s a link to an exclusive X22Report -‘SPREAD THE WORD’ (click to read): Continue reading

‘God-incidence’ of Exposures 2016 prophecy and start of ‘Devolution timeline’

In covering ‘Devolution’ Theory’ – the continuity of government under President Donald Trump – we’ve considered this as a possible means by which prophecies may come to pass. There are indications this ‘continuity’ may be in play and, thereby, validate certain prophecies. We now consider a ‘coincidental’ connection between the spiritual and actual realities – as though the Lord is confirming it by means of a ‘God-incidence’? Continue reading

Sussmann Juror: “There are bigger things …than a possible lie to the FBI” — Jonathan Turley

‘…I believe that the court undermined the prosecution in a number of its rulings….This trial resulted in the release of new information, but it is clear that Durham was strictly limited in what he could reveal at trial. The public has a legitimate interest in a full account of these findings, as it did after the Mueller investigation.’ Continue reading

Exposures continue (#232) – Sussmann trial brings much into the open AND MORE coming!!

The Clinton-connected jury’s decision in his favour despite clear evidence against him is…going to rock their boat as the Lord opens up all the diabolical subterfuge, sedition and treachery of the once-free USA’s past and present political leaders. MARK MY WORDS! Continue reading

How SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts’ gavel was crushed by Obama’s Spy HAMMER — Clever Journeys

Thank you Jack Dennis for this article essential to understanding the background to ‘Russiagate’ hoax and false accusations against presidential candidate Donald Trump , plus the treason of spying upon him as incumbent President, all of which is of direct relevance to Special Counsel John Durham’s investigations and the current trial in DC. Continue reading

Monday Newsmix: 3 – Devolution Part 20: Trump Justice

[Patel Patriot] I have at times related to the above lines of thinking but as usual, there is something much bigger going on behind the scenes that some of us failed to realize. In order to fully grasp what is happening, we need the context from from the beginning… Continue reading

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 4: Newsmix on Clinton, Bidens, Z-berg, bio-labs, ‘vaccines’ etc.

For information, here’s news of continuing exposures from Richard’s Watch Telegram subsequent to Why worse than Watergate: It’s well-documented transnational crime… You may not agree with their content! The first several paragraphs from the news on Zuckerberg and 2020 rigged election is separate set of items at the footer: Continue reading

Why Worse than Watergate? It’s a well-documented transnational organised crime, ie. Deep-State!

Further to Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton and many others – Watch shockwaves and Jack Dennis’ highlights of the Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations lawsuit, the team led by Patel Patriot have produced their most exceptional documented case in the Devolution series – Part 19 RICO Sauve…. Continue reading

Update on 2018 ‘America: Watch, the giants will fall…’ prophecy – 2: Clinton & ‘Spygate’ etc

We noted how the threat of war in eastern Europe diverted attention from the epic news of the deeply intensive John Durham Investigation into ‘Spygate’ etc.  Is it coincidental? We suspect it could have been contrived for the ulterior motives hidden behind a secret  nefarious political agenda. Whatever, let’s check the state-of-play: Continue reading