THE GREATEST Devolution Plan of all Time — Wanda Alger

On her Telegram channel Wanda brings an insight to how she received this awesome ‘letter,’ which reminds me of how Apostle John acted as Jesus’ scribe when He dictated personal letters to seven of the earliest churches in Asia Minor, now modern Turkey. Wanda writes therein,

“In my latest word – I truly felt like I was transcribing instead of writing. I’m very excited for you to read it. As I was pondering devolution the other day, I was struck by another “devolution series.” Continue reading

‘God-incidence’ of Exposures 2016 prophecy and start of ‘Devolution timeline’

In covering ‘Devolution’ Theory’ – the continuity of government under President Donald Trump – we’ve considered this as a possible means by which prophecies may come to pass. There are indications this ‘continuity’ may be in play and, thereby, validate certain prophecies. We now consider a ‘coincidental’ connection between the spiritual and actual realities – as though the Lord is confirming it by means of a ‘God-incidence’? Continue reading

Devolution Theory’s role in tracking ‘2,000 Mules’ theft of 2020 US election

ALL THIS MAKES EXCEPTIONALLY FASCINATING READING. I reminisce back to my first of forty posts on ‘US Election is Not over’ covering William Koenig on electronic and mail-in vote manipulations. Part 8 refers to a conference on election fraud he, Sidney Powell and others had attended that Summer – AND my consequent contact with one of her under-the-radar investigators. Continue reading

Could Devolution Theory explain USA’s apparently schizoid foreign policy towards Israel?

Patel Patriot’s Devolution series, as often featured on this blog, has noticed an apparent divergence between official US policy and actual events ‘on the ground’ and today’s 5am Koenig’s World Watch Daily may well indicate yet another apparent dichotomy, my, as in the Biden regime’s distaste for the nation of Israel and its military support! Continue reading

Monday Newsmix: 3 – Devolution Part 20: Trump Justice

[Patel Patriot] I have at times related to the above lines of thinking but as usual, there is something much bigger going on behind the scenes that some of us failed to realize. In order to fully grasp what is happening, we need the context from from the beginning… Continue reading

Prophecy of Trump-Biden Poker Game now connects into Devolution Theory!!

Tuesday’s post US 2020 Election Prophecies of Cheating Fulfilled… refers to the 2nd  dream in video by Veronika West entitled Trump-Biden Poker Game, for which I’ve blogged many times…Patel Patriot, author of the exceptionally researched series of in-depth articles on President Trump operating by means of Devolution, has recently made a reference to such a ‘game’:  Continue reading

Prophetical insight into political intrigue – events indicate Devolution is in play

[Amanda Grace] Get ready – I know it was last September I heard “Red October” – now I don’t know if it pertained to last October or this October, but I remember last September talking about this, that I heard ‘Red October’ and I went to ‘The Hunt for Red October’, which was the movie about the submarine, the Russian submarine…but it was months ago – like two months ago – I saw it twice in a day Crimson tide and I went what is going on – so I sat on it till now and now I’m speaking about it – Praise the Lord. Continue reading

Prophetical insight into political intrigue – Devolution situation update

[Tim Shey] That was a very good interview with Patel Patriot. I think I have read the first four parts of the Devolution Series. You could sum up the interview like this: the Book of Esther is being played out right now on a global scale. The Lord is reversing the Satanic narrative of the Deep State…. Continue reading

‘October Surprise’ – Monday 18th: timing re. ‘The Biden Show’…Devolution theory

[Tim Shey] “The Lord’s timing is always perfect. Why is it that I read this post for the first time today (17th Oct, published on March 17th) ? My guess is that it was God’s will for me to read it today….” Continue reading

What is the ‘Devolution’ Theory and is it Trump’s Reality? [Two Presidents?]

ACE, an excellent summation of the situation I suspected behind the scenes, as I was not aware of Jack Dennis’ earlier material.
Also, I suspect how timing ‘coincides’ with my blogging this week on the details in a prophetic dream of a Trump-Biden poker game ! Continue reading

Do events validate the Two Presidents prophecy? – 1

First, a prophetic puzzle: the apparent failure of well-known American prophets’ claims of Donald Trump winning a second term of office in 2020 has led to recriminations, even division, within the prophetic movement. So I submit, we need to consider some basics: Continue reading

Two Presidents prophecy by Kim Clement apparently now fulfilled

His above interview on Rumble broadcast 28th October brings great depth on American military history, especially since President Kennedy’s assassination and up to President Trump’s presence as a military ‘plug’. In the latest, 22nd November, he covers the ‘intel’ and ‘optics’ of President Trump’s Announcement to reveal, without reference to Kim Clement’s prophecy, how his ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy has come to pass… Continue reading

Personal time-points and pre-2017 candidate Trump cont’d – Veronika West poker game vision

…in view of our consideration on specific years of 2012 and 2016, when Trump was the Republican candidate for the 2017 presidential election, please note Richard’s remarks on timing…and yet another reference to the Trump-Biden high stakes poker game seen in Veronika West’s vision and my references to the high pile of the ‘stakes’ actually being people! Continue reading

Two personal time-points and the Lord’s ‘pointman’, President Donald Trump! – 2016, Exposures prophecy

Most readers will be familiar with my reiterations of my prophetical musing in May 2016 ‘Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics in UK, USA & EU?’  How little did I suspect that mainstream news would ‘explode’ with validations, as covered in subsequent postings as well as others’ related prophecies.  This post makes 300 – and HOW appropriate! Continue reading

MORE vindication for prophecies of stolen US 2020 election

I expect most of my readers will be familiar with the exceptional investigations of True The Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Philips and their weekend conference The Pit. Catherine is on record as stating their full findings are 10 TIMES worse than what they discovered for the documentary ‘2000 Mules’. Continue reading

NAIL-ON-THE-HEAD validation of Veronika West’s ‘stadium’ dream of cheating in US 2020 election!

Since reading recent news Veronika’s vision has been on my mind, and this morning as I was watching the video on my phone and as I was taking careful note of how Biden eventually gets disqualified as president, this from ‘Down-under’ POPPED ONTO my screen…. Continue reading