A ‘Biblical’ operation, not just national but global clear-out!

Derek Johnson, whom I’ve blogged about before, writes on his Telegram:
Shoutout to my friend Adge from Hammer Time Rapid Fire Q News on Telegram for her knowledge and wisdom, and Hebrew knowledge. From day one, I (and many others) said it is a Biblical Operation first and not just the U.S.; this is a World Operation. Continue reading

On cue, ‘coincidence’ over 1990 years may link John 21 ‘catch’ with Atlantic aircraft activity

Apostle John’s account of early morning fishing 1990 years ago of a miraculous catch by means of a net, may possibly lend itself pictorially to yesterday’s GINORMOUS circular net hovering over the Atlantic, as shown above by the US military veteran! Continue reading

‘God-incidental’ timing of Trump indictment and prophecies (PPU #52 & GPS #95.3)

To recap, here’s how the ‘Global Prophecy Signals’ or ‘God-incidences’ seem to have fallen into place in God’s Invisible Jigsaw:…such a mighty word that confirms my personal prayer for the situation based upon what I heard 15 years ago upon checking the wheat and tares parable… Continue reading

‘Coincidence'(?) echoes across the Bridge o’r the ‘Pond’ (GPS #95.2)

Never did I expect to get a reactive confirmation, as though an echo from across the ‘Pond’, within an hour of my posting Weekend Newsmix 2 wherein I remark:..published at 17:45 yesterday. Laer that evening I noticed Derek remarks similarly on his latest item, time-stamped WITHIN AN HOUR as below… Continue reading

Weekend Newsmix 2: My ‘take’ and BBC News ‘MAGA’ mistake!! (GPS#95.1)

BBC News, “…But France’s win against Wales earlier kept alive their hope of remaining champions. Ben Croucher has been watching…Goodness, I AM so sorry. That is absolutely NOT the sort of story..we don’t want to be bringing you on a very big sporting weekend!”

The photo showing for 7 seconds appears to be the conference President Trump held at Mar-a-Lago on 15 November last… Continue reading

Weekend Newsmix 1: As America awakens has its ‘politburo’ taken the bait?

So this current Newsmix begins with opening extracts from his two latest Friday ‘Eye Views’ followed by items of which I’m sure you’ll be well-aware, before we consider how events are unfolding in line with the Two Presidents prophecy brought by Kim Clement on 4.4.2008: Continue reading

Intriguing God-incident: do these ‘jigsaw pieces’ signal it’s time to ‘take off’?

But I began to join the dots, or see pieces of the Lord’s ‘Invisible jigsaw fall into place…Is an image of Trump with a firing space rocket and Derek Johnson’s clarification about Space Force simply coincidental??? Continue reading

PPU #48 – Fact-check on Trump prophecies 2 – CPAC/CoG state-of-play

:Last November we considered how Devolution Theory is playing out under President Donald Trump’s Continuity Of Government by means of US military laws…So we continue in examining that fulfillment by looking at extracts from of Trump’s address last week to the Conservative Political Action Conference and how it ties in with this possibility. Continue reading

Censorship ‘down under’ proves renowned End-times teacher correct!

A couple of years ago one of my long-time NZ subscribers managed to get an email  to me by a circuitous route to say he was no longer receiving notification of new postings….NOW, in case you may have missed some pertinent contributions from NZ this week, Tim Shey in USA, comments at Weekend News-mix of Exposures of Political Rot on behalf of AA in NZ Continue reading

Pundit mirrors prophecies of USA as theatrical production or movie

This morning I received an unusual and unsubscribed email from independent sources by an author not previously known to me but his analysis of how President Trump is acting as the master chess-player mirrors prophecies about his continuing immense influence upon US politics: Continue reading

Do events validate the Two Presidents prophecy? – 2

An intriguing trail of tangible evidence in events presented to the public and in secret supports and explains, in my humble opinion, the fulfillment of the late Kim Clement’s Two presidents prophecy…
I’ve just noticed > AGAIN 12.12.22 > 3rd time that date’s cropped up ie GPS #90.3! Continue reading

Do events validate the Two Presidents prophecy? – 1

First, a prophetic puzzle: the apparent failure of well-known American prophets’ claims of Donald Trump winning a second term of office in 2020 has led to recriminations, even division, within the prophetic movement. So I submit, we need to consider some basics: Continue reading

Deut 19:15 God-incidence on US Two Presidents prophecy! (GPS #89)

NOW, at long last I can get around to finishing what I’d ‘kick-started’ a week ago today, 1st December, with..So, perhaps we should carefully note the content of their discussion > LOL yet another I’ve just finishing at 17:16 so am publishing at 17:17 double-queue time!! Continue reading

Two Presidents prophecy by Kim Clement apparently now fulfilled

His above interview on Rumble broadcast 28th October brings great depth on American military history, especially since President Kennedy’s assassination and up to President Trump’s presence as a military ‘plug’. In the latest, 22nd November, he covers the ‘intel’ and ‘optics’ of President Trump’s Announcement to reveal, without reference to Kim Clement’s prophecy, how his ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy has come to pass… Continue reading