Two Presidents prophecy by Kim Clement apparently now fulfilled

His above interview on Rumble broadcast 28th October brings great depth on American military history, especially since President Kennedy’s assassination and up to President Trump’s presence as a military ‘plug’. In the latest, 22nd November, he covers the ‘intel’ and ‘optics’ of President Trump’s Announcement to reveal, without reference to Kim Clement’s prophecy, how his ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy has come to pass… Continue reading

Kim Clement 2014 prophecy validated by White House paper published 2022

Since learning about Devolution Theory as Trump’s Reality, it’s often struck me that game-plan is a solid way of understanding how prophecies about Donald Trump may manifest – whether he’s in or out of ‘office.’…Once again, many thanks to Patel Patriot and team for their exceptional research. Continue reading

2021..22 pivotal events: 5 – Two Presidents, one a failure as prophesied by Kim Clement

In our consideration of the timing within the Lord’s Word to Amanda Grace we now look at an aspect that ties in with the Two Presidents prophecy of Kim Clement (2008)

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day…The crown has fractured it has lost its first point as the crown shall be issued a major blow before the end of the year and lose a third and then some, going into your New Year…” Continue reading

Re. Kim Clement Two Presidents Prophecy – Trump’s anointing blesses, Biden’s words curse Americans

(1) came across the full video on a couple of friends’ timelines and now quote all Trump’s references to Jesus, not only His birth but also great influence upon America…(2) This is copied from the opening paragraphs of Press Briefing by White House Covid-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials – Here’s how Biden delivered it, thereby officially pronouncing a curse upon Americans: Continue reading

Words of 2006-8 from the Lord God on global warming and its source – Kim Clement

A great appreciation to BC Hansen for posting along with Veronika’s latest on the FBk group Kim Clement – A Tribute to a Great Prophet the following: Kim”…”Do not speak to me of global warming. I am the Lord God. Please do not attempt to teach me. There is a fire in the spirit realm that will keep it warm…” (2006) ….( 2007)…(2008) Continue reading

Double 9’s and 7’s prophetic visions of USA & UK – Veronika West & Kim Clement

I was alerted yesterday by a kind lady called Michael Ann Rivera,…to a powerful prophetic word given to the late Prophet Kim Clement on the 20th April 2007,…(14) yrs ago….as I don’t have access to the online group where this word was shared; this kind lady Michael took a picture of the word,…(see 2 captions below)…it seems a small part of the word is missing in the pictures but I will post the full word given to Kim Clement below…!! Continue reading

Kim Clement 2014 China’s ‘subtle war’ prophecy fulfilled, as detailed in Press

[Kim Clement] And then there is a nation He showed me – He took me – itching for a new kind of war with America….This nation shall come very subtly, but they shall not come in the time of President Obama…they shall come when this new one arrives, as My David, that I have set aside for this nation…” Continue reading

News on fulfillment of Kim Clement Two Presidents prophecy

[Kim Clement 2008] “And they shall say, ‘But now there is a second president, how can we have two presidents?’ An unusual thing, isn’t it?” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Why would it be that one with a double-mind would stand up and face the people?…” Continue reading

New coin validates Two Presidents prophecy through Kim Clement

NB:”…I will change things according to time and season and I told you now I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden…” – Below, ‘STILL MY PRESIDENT’ proves it’s a true prophecy…its appearing in the above cluster of directly relevant headlines points to the hidden cause of the political situation in America! And they too validate the peculiar novelty of the prophecy. Continue reading

Kim Clement 2015 prophecy on the Return of Christ, Israel, ISIS, Anti-Christ, China and exposure of deceipt in the White House!

This is heartening in view of my extensive series of blogs on the exposure of lies and political corruption that started after my musing upon the topic in May 2016, long before I was aware of this South African prophet of God’s great anointing. Continue reading

Another fulfillment of Kim Clement ‘Two Presidents’ – bye-bye Biden?

As the adage goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. This morning’s World Watch Daily brings a graphic cartoon relating to a couple of my blogs on the prophetic words Kim Clement brought in 2008…more major news of America’s unreliability – sadly, no longer a world leader!…As I finish, I sense that photo-montage is prophetically saying: “BYE BYE BIDEN!!” Continue reading

Kim Clement 2014 prophecy fulfilled as America marches towards tyranny – nation now awaits resurrection

I surmise a new whistle-blower may spill the beans on criminal and seditious activities of politicians, media and business people – and one is now releasing details on the electronically fraudulent aspects of last year’s election! We’ve read about such a person in USA’s CDC in Leo Hohmann’s Behind the Vaccine Veil… but NOW there’s a whistle-blower on electronic fraud in last November’s presidential election… Continue reading

Exposures continue: Cesare Sachetti on election fraud and Two Presidents prophecy of Kim Clement

Richard: Here is a quote that I extracted from Cesare Sacchetti’s latest article on his blog The Eye of the Needle:

“Trump would thus de-empower the Biden administration by reducing it to the role of a puppet presidency, lacking effective legitimacy and controlled by powers, such as those of the American armed forces, which are still loyal to Trump.

“This situation closely resembles a prophecy that in recent weeks is depopulating among Trump supporters – made by Kim Clement, a South African singer and pastor who predicted Trump’s arrival in the White House years before his candidacy. Continue reading

Kim Clement’s ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy fulfilled by USA’s schizoid foreign policy – and internally!

The day after Joe Biden’s inauguration I referred to Kim Clement’s ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy of April 2008, and which implies there would be a ‘double-mindedness,’ when asking ‘Can dis-United States of America be a Trustworthy Ally and Keep its Place as a Global Leader?’….I regret to report there’s now further proof of that once great nation and leader of the Western world falling into international contempt – Continue reading

The Lord says, “30 Days” on 7th anniversary of Kim Clement’s prophecy, and connects with Veronika West prophecy!

In concluding this “Thus saith the Lord” word, Tim provides the identity of a political leader who could be that whistle-blower – one like  Wanda Alger prophesied too. THEN, upon my waking this morning, I was reminded of the word published five days earlier by Veronika West, and which so aptly describes the conclusion of Tim’s word: Continue reading

Kim Clement prophecy fulfilled by Bill to block funding for CCP-linked education

Isabel van Brugen reports as below in today’s The Epoch Times: Extract: ‘The institutes came under intense scrutiny from U.S. officials under the Trump administration over concerns that they spread Chinese propaganda, restrict academic freedom, and facilitate espionage in U.S. classrooms. … Continue reading