Full speeches in Health and Freedom Conference of those censored by the ‘fact-checking’ smear squads – The Marshall Report

It’s called standing up with GOD using all the armor, and anointed blessings from the Lord! I’m rooting for God’s Team all the way!!! This is where we really witness that all of God’s people make up the entire body of Christ, just like Jesus had said. Each has their own special function in the Kingdom and their own specialty, their own gifts to bring to the table. Continue reading

“A court of censorship like The Inquisition to manage public opinion…THIS is really serious,” GERMAN Chancellor, other leaders LEAP to President Trump’s defence over censorship — The Daily Trumpet

The Social Media companies that have seized the power to dictate what you can say have upped the ante: they now think they have the power to tell you what you can hear, and from whom you may hear it. … Continue reading

FB’s Zuckerberg fed $400,000,000 into 2020 elections and censored patriots! — The Marshall Report

Fact checker/censor specialists of Appen a third party contracter comes forward and blows the whistle on Facebook and Twitter election interference! Election fraud in 2020 is off the charts so much it would be unbelievable in a Hollywood Movie Production! … Continue reading

Monday Newsmix: tell-tale signs of Donald Trump’s return – No. 6

Several times earlier this year I postulated an equation summing up America’s situation, viz: ‘4 year’s attempted ‘soft coup’ + sedition + rigged elections + cyber-censorship = civil war OR martial law!’ We revisit that formula with the following item which Tim Shey attached as a comment to Update on Prophecy Painting Pointing to Pennsylvania: Continue reading

President’s and prophets’ words proving to be right – cont’d

Living in the UK I’ve not taken particular notice of what’s been prophesied in USA over the years, and thus been unfamiliar with the claims of American prophets… I noted prophecies here in UK about the election but was surprised that, although promising his success, they had caveats about ungodly spiritual and political opposition and need for prayer-warfare! Below are prophecies posted on this blog and at His Kingdom Prophecy, some of which are extensive. Continue reading

PS on re-blog of The Marshall Report on ‘Fact-checkers…’

[Beverley Hall] “I do question this because if you read some of the AI [Artificial Intelligence] literature there’s something going on called the ‘data wars’ – essentially between the West & East. It comes down to a type of colonisation model and who can own data platforms across various continents…” Continue reading

Fake_buk blocks prophecy BUT can never stop God – His Spirit of Fear will convict its founder

After 11 days censorship by the anti-Christians at farce-buk, our dear sister Veronika posted this earlier today – I pray Z-berg gets same conviction of his post-mortem destiny consequential upon his sin, just like the certainty of judgement struck me in terror as I nearly died during a Visitation from Jesus Continue reading

How mainstream media got it wrong about attorney Sidney Powell

[Mike Huckabee] ‘…I didn’t think she was doing that at all, and said as much. Considering that Dominion itself had called her claims “outrageous,” etc., she appeared to be turning that around on them. Little did we know the media had got the story wrong!…’ Continue reading

US military still in charge. Fact-check it! (GPS #60.1) – The Marshall Report

4 years’ attempted ‘soft coup’ + sedition + rigged elections + cyber-censorship = civil war OR martial law! Trump made a proclamation on January 6, 2021 he did so directly after his speech. Trump immediately told the protestors, and bussed-in insurgents to disperse and go home now, in peace to their homes. After he made his proclamation, the next action was to sign the Insurrection Act. Continue reading