GPS #12: King Alfred, a ‘Spiritual Magna Carta’ for Britain – and for the world!

AND NOW, my reader, may you be thoroughly blessed with what you’re about to read. May it resonate within your spirit when you understand how very timely what two sisters in the Lord on opposite sides of the Atlantic posted as coming from Him, whilst this post  was being drafted and edited in tandem by myself and Suzanne Ferrett over the course of the past week. Continue reading

Magna Carta Unravelled – a new book

Regarding the previous posts on the 8th centenary of Magna Carta, anyone interested in its relevance in the suppression of freedom today may like to know about a recent book, Magna Carta Unravelled. Only this past fortnight we have an example of the importance of this matter. A former lawyer, now Principal … Continue reading

The State of the Prophetic in the UK – appendices

THE STATE OF THE PROPHETIC IN THE UK – Cont’d by Richard J. Barker © 21.2.2020 CONTENTS: (see previous post for sections 1-10) Summary What Is Prophecy? The Bible Prophesies Modern Events Historical Summary of Modern Prophecy Prophecy as Jigsaw … Continue reading

Fulfilled prophecy #10:9 cont’d part 1 – exposure of rotten politics…and law!

Further to my two blogs of last Wednesday 26 Sept about the spiritual battle for Brexit clearly evident behind the ‘Supreme’ Court’s ruling on the prerogation of Parliament, and the Court committing a travesty, if not miscarriage, of justice arising from its applying new law in retrospect, I’m most encouraged to read legal confirmation of this within… Continue reading

Decree & declaration over the European Parliamentary Elections

We decree and declare a fresh awareness of the Godly heritage within our political system, of the Biblical foundations under it and of the principles released through it, will sweep across this land. We declare media, churches, schools and individuals will see the relevance and significance of that heritage; teaching and instructing according to the truths of history. Continue reading