Big Ben hangs in 11th hour – soon to strike 12!

[Jennifer LeClaire] As I kept on looking, I noticed the hand on the clock was closer to the 12 than it was to the 11… It was as if there were only moments left before we would hear the reverberating sound of the massive hammer striking the bell to mark a new day. I heard the Lord say, “When Big Ben strikes 12, there will be a shift in the nation.” Continue reading

Prophetic painting of the Lion and Eagle, with Big Ben!!

This incredible prophetic picture by Yvonne Coombs was painted under holy inspiration and, according to Veronika West, she had NOT SEEN the words that she’d posted the previous morning (and which featured in my Tuesday blog)…. Yvonne recounted her story, which she’s kindly allowed me to share: Continue reading

Update on American’s dreams of Big Ben and implied political and national ‘shake-down’

I wasn’t moved to re-blog that latest dream quickly and I was waiting further developments and thus thinking of linking in some parliamentary news. But today I noted an apposite comment had been posted overnight by Dave Hood to London On The Brink: 4 nights of prayer and, in my spirit, know that although noted 14 years, it connects directly into that dream’s reference to the miraculous restoration of ‘Big Ben’ and is, thus, important to consider and weigh… Continue reading

Cartoonist Matt reminds me of two Americans’ dreams and visions of Big Ben

[Tony Puccio] I had a dream where i saw a group of people gathered around Big Ben. Everyone in the group had sledge hammers in their hands…However, each time those striking Big Ben would inflict damage to it, the damage inflicted would miraculously be restored as if nothing had happened. I remember hearing Parliament in the dream so I am assuming that it was them who were attacking the clock although their attempts in the dream were futile. This is the first time that I recall in dreams I’ve had about Big Ben where the government was involved in attacking it. … Continue reading

Big Ben chimes and a vision of holy Zion

‘He then heard God’s voice saying:
“The bell rang. It’s time to rise up. You are my children. Rise up.
“It’s time to shine like the stars in the sky. Say My Word to be heard.
“Bring the worship to me. If you will not worship me, the stones will do it. 
“Come out from the world and I will be with you now and forever.” Continue reading

Interesting reflection of UK-US connection – and Big Ben

I’m amused at how the linkage in our spiritual and political lives, as blogged earlier, is now showing synchronicity in the troubles our Prime Minister and the US President are both having with their own people, not the public. We can discern the ‘devil’ in the detail – and it’s being especially provocative over the essence of our ‘Englishness’ – the law of the land based upon Magna Carta versus European Court of Justice. Continue reading

To ‘bong’ or not to ‘bong’? That’s the Big Ben question as the nation waits…

Regular readers of this blog are well aware not only of Big Ben’s symbolic importance but also and especially of the many words and dreams about it at the prophetical ‘midnight hour’. So whatever the outcome of the present rumpus, it won’t surprise the Lord for He could be in the discussions and use them to bring about His purposes, or else work around them to achieve His sovereign will for Britain, thereby getting us fully ‘in sync’ with His will. (As implied in the word for 2014-16 brought by Revd Dr Sharon Stone in her ‘Clarion Call’.) Continue reading

Critical, historic election day – prophetical perspectives & declarations; and Big Ben

A couple of months ago the other (‘V#2’) had shared a vision she’d just had of tanks appearing from the south east of England. In response to the recent alert for the south coast, she writes, “…they increased in number according to the shape of the land…It was to do with the tank tracks, the things that dig into the ground so that they can manouevre over any terrain without too much difficulty. It started with something being sharpened on a moving lathe belt which after a while the lathe belt turned into the moving tank track which then multiplied into many tanks. It was the parts that made up the track that were being sharpened so that no obstacle would hinder it’s progress.” Continue reading

Significant timing of planned stoppage of Big Ben

“What a fascinating coincidence that after so many years, Big Ben in the Westminster Tower is to fall silent for some months. The long, overdue repairs will be carried out while the terms for Britain’s historic exit from the EU are considered. There is also a warning that the sheer volume of legislation required to position the U.K. for BREXT will dominate parliament’s timetable with other issues being put on hold. Surely, this is a time like no other to pray for the UK and to seek the face of God in a day of apostasy.”… Perhaps one meaning of Tony Puccio’s latest dreams about Big Ben could be that the maintenance works, starting any time now and taking three years, signify it’s time to get Britain back into proper working order, both politically and spiritually? Then we shall stand much taller than before! Continue reading

Fulfilled Prophecy #18 – fascinating flow of news re. dreams of Big Ben

I re-blogged that on Monday with preface, ‘May prophesy the result of voting on the Article 50 ‘Brexit Bill’ in Parliament today, threatened as it is by those not aligned with God’s will’, and we shared our thoughts on Tony’s comments thread. Continue reading

Paws-4-thought: Update on Midnight and Big Ben

“Twelve is the number of divine government …you’ve got a ‘synching’ up at midnight – another 12 – God was emphasising that His government is coming into the earth right now in apostolic power. We’ve never seen it – we’ve been talking for a long time about it coming…” Continue reading

Dreams and visions of Big Ben at prophetical Midnight hour

I draw Tony’s attention to Rosemary’s reminder on the previous blog of her picture of Big Ben and he asks for my ‘take’ on this and “What’s the Lord saying to you?” I didn’t have time to even think and ask Him but was just running with my spirit’s ‘gut instinct’ as a ‘joiner of prophetic dots’. So I reply I’m busy compiling this account and will seek Him later – BUT then get a quick nudge to add,

“‘…immediate thought as I type is, “It’s warning of the Lord’s Return!” ie. not long now!” Continue reading