2021..22 pivotal events: 2 – Jan 6th narrative, Biden regime turns against Americans…civil war?

Further to Pivotal Events 2: Questions on 6th January 2021 Protest, which includes reference to possible FBI incitement and entrapment, this development is a clear sign of the Biden regime heading towards full-blown banana-republic totalitarianism. No doubt its getting being ready for suppressing any possible civil war, or even military ‘coup’!

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1 thought on “2021..22 pivotal events: 2 – Jan 6th narrative, Biden regime turns against Americans…civil war?

  1. From Lisa Simmons on my Farcebuk version:

    “When any leader demonizes good citizens, that leader has become a tyrant.
    It is obvious that many currently in power throughout our executive, legislative, and judicial branches (legitimate or not) are drunk on that power and see anything that is a threat to their power such as the Constitution, our organization as a representative republic, our laws, the will of the people, etc… as “domestic terrorism.” They are simply doing what tyrants have always done. The devil has no new tricks, just new patsies.
    Our Lord has the final say. Of that, we are assured. They will meet Him one day, and that should be a very scary proposition to those walking in darkness.”

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