The New World Order is here — Red Sky in the Morning

What do you do when something that used to be a conspiracy is now being sung about and reported on the news? Point it out as we run from mandatory vaccines and covid passports? A year ago children in the Pacific sang of “a new world order behind closed doors,” as UN leaders, heads of […]

The New World Order is here — Red Sky in the morning

Here’s Jo’s observation from the eNZ of the world to provide a not-so-different opinion from the the antipodes; the far side of earth to the UK.

2 thoughts on “The New World Order is here — Red Sky in the Morning

  1. Richard do you recall the dream I posted in 2012?

    I had a dream, 04/01/2012, and in this ,  heard the words, “new world order”, being spoken. I then saw many leaders from many nations laying their swords down on a table where a man was seated dressed like a Roman General from the time of the Cesar’s . As each leader, representing their individual nations, laid his sword down, they gave up the right to defend themselves, their individual sovereignty as a nation, and their individuality as citizens of that nation each, including the nation he represented, would be citizens of the new world order.  As each leader laid his sword down, the man seated at the table would write it down in a book. I remember asking the Lord how long before these things come to pass and He said soon.

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    • Interesting refc to ‘soon’ after discussion earlier this week about it in prophetical group on Fbk and which I hope to refer to ‘soon’ my friend. Think your details may ring a bell but presumably you’re using US date for April 1st, not 4th Jan 2012, as I think we got in touch sometime in that 1st year of my blogging.


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