Challenge to ALL sceptics: read reputable account of D.C. events

Regular readers are aware of my appreciation of William Koenig and his close-of-play Friday reports.  I draw your attention to his personal account as an intercessor in the Capitol building on Wednesday’s disturbance from this extract, where emphases are mine. Note reference to ‘coup’:

Inside the White House by William Koenig  

Where Things Stand After The Electoral College

The Capitol Hill riots of a hundred or so people completely disrupted the Electoral College process just as the Arizona challenges were being presented. The riots couldn’t have come at a worse time. (At this point white supremacist skin heads, radicalized QAnon followers, possibly a few ANTIFA members)

Republicans and Democrats were sent running. All the Democrats and some of the Republicans were outraged. It effected the tone the rest of the night and into the early morning hours. (eyewitness account below).

Interview of John Eastman, Trump’s Constitutional Attorney

Interview Episode 637 Part 3 (1:30 to 13:30 spot) – (place cursor over the programs and then click on right arrow to go to Episode 637 Part 3)

Koenig: I highly recommend this very insightful interview of John Eastman by Steve Bannon. John gives his exceptional legal constitutional perspective. Search for Episode 637.

Comments from John Eastman:

If the elections were so clean, why are the states resisting the Trump campaign’s effort to review voter ballots and voting machines? If honest, they would say, “Let them look at it.”

In dirty elections, the officials prevent people from looking at the ballots or machines.

White House attorneys advised Mike Pence that he had the constitutional obligation to confirm the Electoral College reports. John Eastman explained that Pence had the obligation to support and defend the constitution. That the Constitution would allow more time to conclude the investigations to let us know if those violations were significant enough to alter the results of the election.

  • We have been watching a coup.  [Emphasis RB]
  • State statutes were violated, many times in collaboration with the Biden campaign.
  • Democratic process was tampered with by unelected non-legislative officials of the states.
  • The election spin from the legacy media and the social networks worked tirelessly to discredit truth.
  • Trump, once again, simply laid out fraud and voting irregularities in his speech at the rally on Wednesday.
  • Pence violated the Constitution by allowing false procedures, stopping the debate, the proper time given to present the challenges (procedural details beginning at 4:30).
  • There were unconstitutional slates of electors and statutory violations provided, which would have been be part of the delay for the states legislatures to correct.
  • Courts kicked out cases on procedural issues.
  • Courts didn’t give opportunity to provide facts.
  • States changed rules in the middle of the election and/or after the election to let their guy win.
  • Governors refused to call special sessions.

There are pending lawsuits in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. There are also five cases at the Supreme Court. These cases could impact the outcome. Not sure on the procedural since the Electoral College met.

Pence letter:


The Trump Attacks Continue

The mainstream media and the Democrats have been obsessed with destroying President Trump for four plus years, and now they are blaming Trump for insurrection and spurring on the rioters on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. They are coming unglued. They have been pushing a false narrative since he was elected. They and their active viewers are toxic.

In an attempt to destroy Trump and his following, the Democrats are adopting the Saul Alinsky approach by using economic and psychological warfare against Trump. Take him down and you take down the threat.

They have also used the LGBT agenda that began during the Obama Administration to created massive division in every area of our lives and indoctrination in schools. Yesterday, Michele Obama called for President Trump to be removed from all social networks. In other words, cut off his access to his massive following.

For five years Trump supporters have been maligned. Conservative voices aren’t allowed to speak in universities or in public forums without harassment and threats of injury and life.

Moreover, we have seen President Trump take on the media, at times with Trump-style exaggeration and innuendo as we wished he wouldn’t say some things or make some attacks, but he has been a strong president and has been a great friend of evangelical Christians.

No one has been more attacked than he has been and survived it. Very few, if anyone, could have handled the daily attacks.

Unfortunately, and sadly, a few hundred people out of hundreds of thousands of supporters who were in Washington, D.C., created havoc on Capitol Hill that has been the latest fuel and most aggressive effort in the last 48 hours to discredit President Trump and marginalize his 75 million voters.

We must remember, God is sovereign, and thankfully (but painfully) has allowed the evil to be exposed on the U.S. and world stage. We have seen in “real time” things unfold that we would never have witnessed if it hadn’t happened this way.

We experienced frustration over the Russian hoax, the absurd Ukraine farse, U.S. Attorney William Barr not releasing the investigation of Hunter Biden until after the election. Media Research Center said that could have eliminated one in six Biden votes and obviously would have led to a further favorable outcome to Trump’s re-election effort.

State courts and federal courts didn’t want to change the standing election and were not willing to see the evidence.

Governors refused to call the legislatures back in session to discuss the alleged fraud. In Arizona, the Senate subpoenaed the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which hasa four out of five Republicans do a forensic audit on a few voting machines. The audit could have been done in 24 hours. The supervisors refused, and now it is at the Arizona Supreme Court.

The white extremists and some of the radical QAnon followers (not all radical) hooked their wagon to the Trump phenomena, and that is what the leftist media and Democrats targeted to discredit President Trump.

Unfortunately, some of the Trump supporters have promoted false news to gain large audiences or have let overactive imaginations lead them and their followers astray. This is where the media attempts to discredit Trump’s support.

Frustration mounted and a strong leader was needed to take them on. President Trump has been the one to do that. The Democrats and media have done everything they could to separate Trump’s supporters from him, but it hasn’t worked, leading to their continued consternation.

Furthermore, the international media and some international leaders also despise Trump’s America First approach and have used the U.S. media’s talking points to discredit him.


Republicans Leaders in the Senate Didn’t Support Trump in Georgia, and Republicans Lose Majority

Approximately 425,000 less votes were cast in Georgia on January 5 election than on November 3.

Four perspectives on the GOP’s Senate loss in Georgia

From liberal Axios

Republicans blame Trump for sabotaging what should have been two easy wins — turning off suburban voters with his chaos and craziness and sowing distrust of the Peach State election machinery with base voters.

Steve Bannon’s program

Karl Rove, Reince Preibus, Charles Koch and other GOP elite including Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler were not supportive enough of Trump in Georgia, so tens of thousands of November 3 potential Trump voters stayed home.

Koenig perspective

Trump supporters in Georgia were very angry at the Republican leaders McConnell, Thune, Romney, Sasse, Cornyn and Toomey for stating there was no proof of fraud and for congratulating Biden and acknowledging him as president-elect after the electoral vote certification on December 8.

Moreover, these Republican leaders didn’t support President Trump’s effort to uncover the voter fraud in Georgia. So, many of the angry Trump supporters didn’t turn out to vote in the run-off, even knowing it could lead to the election of two radical liberals and could tip the control of the Senate.

With McConnell, Thune, Romney and Cornyn plus the Senate candidates not supporting Trump’s battle against the fraud in Georgia, they likely thought they had enough votes to win both races. So now the Republican majority in the Senate has been eliminated—even though it will be a 50/50 split—because the Democrat vice president will be the deciding vote and thus give the Democrats the majority position.

So with GOP losing their majority in the Senate, McConnell will become the Minority Leader, Thune will be the Senate Minority Whip and the Republicans will be in the minority in all the Senate committees and subcommittees. Both Republican candidates are voted out of the Senate. And the GOP has lost the presidency.


GOP Lost Georgia Senate Races for 2 Reasons – John Gizzi

Koenig: My longtime friend John Gizzi has offered great insight.


The two Georgia Senate races should never have been lost by Republicans.

But they have been lost for two clear reasons.

First, Georgia’s Republican establishment, led by Gov. Brian Kemp, didn’t fight for President Donald Trump in his recount efforts.

Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, clearly aligned with Democrats to thwart Trump.

And Kemp refused to call a special session to tighten voter identification rules, require signature verification, and stop drop boxes.

“By their refusal to completely embrace President Trump, the establishment Republicans blew a huge advantage in the Georgia runoffs,” veteran Georgia GOP consultant and pollster Matt Towery told Newsmax Wednesday morning.

Towery and other conservatives who spoke to Newsmax felt that the state’s GOP “establishment” led by Kemp and Raffensperger “didn’t fight at all” for Trump in his efforts to secure a complete and accurate count of the votes cast in the presidential election last fall.

Republican candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue did not enthusiastically back Trump’s recount efforts and belatedly said they would back his electoral vote challenge.

These moves, in turn, discouraged enthusiasm for the Senate runoffs Tuesday on the part of “Trump conservatives.”

One “establishment” figure reserved for particular contempt in Georgia’s “Trumpworld” is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The failure of the majority leader to back up any of the president’s claims about vote-stealing in Georgia and his early congratulations of Joe Biden as president-elect fueled Trump supporters’ animosity toward him.

John Gizzi is chief political columnist and White House correspondent for Newsmax. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.


Capitol Hill Protest From The Inside

The Capitol Hill violence on Wednesday destroyed the momentum of the state vote challenges in the Electoral College.

A friend who was inside Capitol Hill praying with Congressmen said it seemed as if security let the protesters in. Those protesters were not the sweet protesters that had come to D.C. for the protest. She said she thought they were ANTIFA thugs or someone like them.

Trump got blamed for the violence by many members of Congress.

I was in the U.S. Capitol during the breach. I had been by the House chamber speaking to congressional members. Then I went to the George Washington Members Chapel off the rotunda to pray. Literally minutes before unauthorized people entered the building, I left the chapel, walked through the rotunda and tried exiting the Capitol.

The Capitol was locked down so I couldn’t leave. I saw a former colleague, and Capitol police took him and me to the member’s office in the Rayburn building. That is where I am as I write this. We are locked in the building. The mayor imposed a curfew at 6 p.m. for D.C.

My guess:

The left dressed up as Trump supporters and led the breach. Prior to this, the crowd was totally peaceful, singing, praying. There was no anger in the crowds before the breach.

The breach makes no sense. The left achieved their objective. They stopped the prayers, and the momentum building among the members to raise challenges to the election results dissolved.

Now the mayor has expelled us from the city at 6 p.m. Congress is cancelled for the day.

We won’t see prayer warriors able to reassemble. Now the prayer patriots are painted as the enemy. I assure you they were not. I was not here to speak, but to speak with members of Congress and pray.


The Trump attacks are unmerciful. This is getting worse by the hour. He needs our fervent prayers!

Pelosi and the Democrats are going to introduce impeachment proceedings on Monday, and she has called the top generals about Trump and the nuclear codes.

Below are a few examples on the Drudge Report, who has maliciously turned-on Trump and still has a huge audience. One “unsubstantiated rumor” is George Soros bought him off to do this.

The mainstream media has many of these types of articles. Some are below.


Articles: Examples of the pile on Trump the day after the Capitol Hill incursion.

[Extract ends]


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  1. they are blaming President Trump for everything they are doing; straight out of Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky; take the public’s eyes off their dark agenda, fraud, corruption, and stealing the election and incite hatred and malice against President Trump for which they have not been censured, even when Kathy Griffin (sp?) put a severed bloody head of our President on social media and they plastered it everywhere. So much hypocrisy, it is unbelievable

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