Britannia – Neil Mackereth

My delay in publishing this ‘so happens’ to be timed to fit in with the later, surprising reference to Britain which I remarked upon in this recent report by Dianne Marshall:

‘Watch therefore and see as the Lord moves this mountain before us and brings down the giant of evil that is breathing down our necks. Stay the course for God and for his nations called by his name – the lion nations shall prevail! For Manasseh (America) and Ephraim (“Great Britain) have been given the birthright and they shall come together to defend all of Israel.’

Neil writes me, “Had some more “download” over the last few days, and you will see from the after-note that there is another paper on the stocks”.:


The Lord showed me an image of Britannia, as depicted on the reverse of an old penny.

(Originally derived from the Latin name for Britain, the use of the name declined over many centuries. Renaissance came during the reign of Elizabeth 1, when Britannia was established as the personification of the sovereign power of Great Britain.)

The Lord went on to say that the three prongs of the Trident represent Israel (in the centre) supported by Great Britain and the United States of America. I saw Israel as the re-established “senior statesman” (grandparent) nation. A people who have suffered many trials and tribulations over thousands of years but still, miraculously, managed to retain their national identity: God’s chosen people.

The turbulent history of God’s chosen people can be attributed to their antipathy towards God and towards the blessings He so wanted to bestow upon them. Their survival can be attributed to God’s loving mercy and His unerring fulfilment of His covenants, both for their benefit and for the honour of His name.

I was shown Great Britain as a “mother” nation which has also been established through trial and tribulation, but in our case by a blending of various people groups over hundreds of years. More recently, we have mortgaged our sovereign independence. God is now restoring our freedom as a sovereign nation.

Great Britain’s history of support for His chosen people Israel has been erratic, as has Great Britain’s loyalty to God. Nevertheless, He is setting Great Britain free, restoring the sovereignty of these isles that they may be a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the calamities that lie ahead.  

I saw the United States of America as a daughter nation to Great Britain. She had a very turbulent and unruly childhood. Even so, she grew to be strong and powerful. In recent years, demonic influences have brought corruption, internal strife and disorder, and her integrity has been undermined. Like her “mother country”, her support for Israel has been inconsistent. However, more recently she has been a stalwart friend and great blessing to Israel.

God is about to reveal the deception, trickery and corruption that has become entrenched in the body politic of the United States of America.   

[Afternote: I asked God if I might write the paragraphs shown in bold as His words i.e. in the first person. God said no. He indicated that I was to write about bias, deception and false prophets, including reference to those who write without an appropriate mantle of authority. That document will follow shortly]

Neil Mackereth, 18th November 2020

3 thoughts on “Britannia – Neil Mackereth

  1. FYI – apologies if this becomes lengthy. I already sent in the comment I am about to write, but I believe I lost it before it was posted. If this is a duplicate I would ask for the other one to be deleted as this will be a condensed, hopefully edited (and possibly still lengthy) version.

    From a Canadian perspective: I also had powerful revelation from the Lord come to me through a coin, (which turned out to be a war medal with no currency on it), about the destiny of Protestant Israel-loving Canada as linked with that of Britain,on behalf of the USA and Israel. I hope the following provides some insight into the above post.

    As a child I lived in a house located next to an old cemetery. At a time when both properties were undergoing some landscaping I took a shortcut through the cemetery and found a very old coin which turned out to be a war medal of some sort. It had the date 1601 and an image of the King of France at that time – Henry IV. He was the only Protestant king of France who sponsored the original French settlers of Canada, including the one called the Father of New France – Samuel de Champlain. They spent their first full winter in Canada in 1609 I believe, in a settlement that still exists about a two-hour drive from my home, in Annapolis Royale, Nova Scotia.

    All of them were actually Huguenots (French Protestants). This was confirmed in 2013 a celebration that was held in Quebec City to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Champlain’s first voyage up the St. Lawrence seaway. On display was his original birth certificate from France which showed he was baptized as a Huguenot. The Father of New France which later became the French claim to Canada, was Protestant. It’s really huge in terms of God’s sovereign plans for our nation, and how it must remain linked to Britain’s Kingdom destiny.

    After Henry IV was assassinated a strong Roman Catholic king took his place. The Huguenot persecution increased so that many Protestants of French heritage took shelter in the UK. (One of their descendants is Nigel Farage). Anyone who came to what is now Canada, had to do so disguised as a Roman Catholic because a law was passed that ONLY Roman Catholics were allowed to immigrate. This excluded any Jewish presence in Canada under the control of French Roman Catholicism. Still, I knew none of this when I found my coin or medallion as a child. I just knew I had something that a lot of other people wanted so it must be valuable.

    Fast forward to my fiftieth year in 2008. I had been raised as the daughter and grand-daughter of Canadian war veterans, descendant of strong Protestant Christians, one of whom immigrated to Canada to represent Britain in America’s War of Independence. Now seven generations later I was walking with the Lord under a spiritual covering from my parents who helped established a Church on the basis of Isaiah 54 – about the Glory of Zion. They took a trip to Israel as part of this, in 1999, and came back to my house with the results – not only souvenirs but a powerful anointing from God related to the fullness of His Kingdom now upon us. (I just heard in the Spirit the word “DAVID” as I wrote that).

    Meanwhile I next ten years walking through one fiery ordeal after another to learn how to personally take up the cross and walk as Jesus did. It all opened up something in my life that now manifests as an open portal to heaven related to God’s Kingdom coming through both the UK and Israel for Atlantic Canada specifically. I continue to hear Him speak to me to decree that a wall of holy fire will separate Atlantic Canada for His end times purposes. The so-called ‘have not’ provinces have the highest percentage of practicing Christians in the nation, with something like 90% of the population of Newfoundland still professing Christianity as their personal faith (high eighties in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island). That counts in a huge way as it relates to God’s sovereign purposes for Canada.

    So back to the coin or medal. The Lord began to show me something He planted into my life when I first found it back in the sixties. Not until the year 2008 did it all begin to be revealed. At that time He led me to pray according to Jeremiah 6:16 to ‘Ask for the ancient paths. Ask where the good way is and walk in it.’ When I did this, within two weeks I was given an air ticket and asked to fly to England with my mother. We spent two weeks in the Somerset area around Bristol, Wells, and Glastonbury. I had no idea what the Lord had to show me as I knew nothing of the area. My brother married a British girl and they had settled here, so as far as I knew, we were just going for a visit. Then it all opened up before me – revelation from God about Canada’s Kingdom destiny in His sovereign will for four realms – Israel, UK, USA and Canada.

    Our time there was the first two weeks in November 2008. I would later learn this was exactly the place of residence of my ancestors who originally came from Britain to fight in the War of Independence, then settled in Atlantic Canada as British loyalists. I am a seventh generation descendant of that person. We witnessed the US elect Obama as President and observed Remembrance Day ceremonies, British-style. I heard the Lord say that the entire western hemisphere will need to learn the way of the cross for what comes next. Then the pivotal point of the journey happened in Bristol. While there I walked past a plaque on the side of a cathedral that read ‘John Cabot lived on this street in 1497’. (Had the year wrong in the previous post, wherever it went). It was quickened to me by the Holy Spirit that this is where it all began for Canada from an English perspective.

    Cabot’s voyage to Canada was the basis for Britain’s claim to our nation, as they fought the French for it. While that was greatly impressed on me, even more mind-boggling was something the Lord showed me related to the ministry of the Wesleys. On that same visit to Bristol my mother, brother and I went to visit the Morning Room of Wesley’s chapel. We ‘just happened’ to approach the doors as they were being closed so the local community could have a communion service. ‘Come in or go out’ we were told. We went in and share communion with others at Wesley’s chapel in Bristol.

    Just before leaving the UK to come home we were walking in London past Big Ben when the clock struck seven. The big bell rang out seven times as I looked up at the clock face and saw the hands showing the time. It hit my spirit like the fullness of the Presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in my life. The seven spirits of God began to manifest in my life in a way that I cannot explain. As I once heard an angel say ‘The seven colours of the rainbow are the seven ways He speaks’. Now when I see a rainbow in the sky I understand it as the sovereign Lord having something to say.

    From then until now, since I returned to Canada this appears to have opened up this portal to heaven from the UK to Atlantic Canada where I’m concerned. I can also see in the Spirit at times, something of the New Jerusalem coming down from God from up over the UK. It’s like the New Jerusalem above, who is free and who is our mother, hovering over the land of hope and glory, mother of the free. Something (or SomeONE) is coming down from God to North America through the airspace of the UK, that is influencing the political realms but not subject to them. It leads me to see how the political life of the Judeo-Christian nations is very important but not the source of the final victory. It is in fact the stuff of shadows following behind the Lord Himself who is returning through the manifestation of Kingdom sons for whom all of creation awaits (Romans 8:17-21). The best they can do at this point is reflect the spiritual battle that follows; they have no power to actually produce the substance of the Kingdom of God.

    So once back in Canada, a year later, I was asked by my Dad to accompany him and my mother to a wedding held on Remembrance Day, November 11. It was in my hometown of Miramichi, New Brunswick: childhood home of Britain”s Lord Beaverbrook aka Max Aitken who was put in charge of aircraft production for the Battle of Britain, by Winston Churchill. On Remembrance Day 2009 I attended a Canadian wedding where the colours represented the Canadian flag – red and white. It was like a Canadian version of the war and the wedding feast described in Revelation 19. I began to understand then, that God”s sovereign purposes for separating Canada from USA is to set the boundaries between the war and the wedding feast in the end times. One is about receiving the Lord as the guest of honour and ministering primarily to HIM; the other is about defending His interests in His Kingdom established on earth as He is in heaven.

    I began to receive revelation from God that I believe is sourced at Wesley’s chapel in Bristol. It continues to pour forth with amazing insight. In the years after the wedding of 2009 I learned that my own grandfather – a WW1 vet who fought at the Somme – showed on his military records that he held to the Wesleyan faith. Most mind-boggling of all was the day I went back to that old cemetery to pray for more wisdom and understanding about the coin or medal dated 1601 I thought I would go right to the tombstone where I found it and read the inscription. I was blown away at the name: JOHN WESLEY. All this, right beside the house where I grew up as a child with the Lord watching my every move, knowing it would come to this point as I sought to carry forward the torch of freedom for Canada.

    So I believe I can say with some degree of ‘thus saith the Lord’ – the battle for the independence of UK, USA, Israel and Canada is already won. The tables have been turned on the hamans among us and the things of the politics realms is like the stuff of shadows, like a great whirlwind following the main even which has already happened: the return of the Lord to Canada as prophesied by Puritan prophets, who spoke out about why Canada is to remain separate from USA. It now manifests in the birthing of Kingdom sons and the political realms represent the labour pains that come AFTER the birth. As Isaiah 66 says ‘BEFORE she goes into labour she gives birth to a son.’

    This weekend I am writing at a feverish pace about the difference between seeing political events as sources of Judeo-Christian victory rather than mere reflections and results of a victory already here that does not come through politics but through taking up the cross to walk as Jesus did. As Jesus said ‘The Kingdom is WITHIN you’ – not out there somewhere. The power to rise up and reign with Christ happens on a personal level as a result of a personal taste of the cross, not so much as a result of waiting for someone in political office to get it right.

    Those politicians defending Judeo-Christian freedom also need a higher authority to back them up and they can’t be seen as the main source of the victory or else we will have the delusion that if they fail, so does the Kingdom of God. I could write volumes about it but mainly, we need to stick with the Word of God about such things in order to know how to get the victory.

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    • Maxine, Thank you so much for taking the trouble to provide this very interesting background information. It is heartening to hear the strength of Christian commitment in the provinces you mention, and to see your insightful recognition of the relationship between the spiritual realms and the worldly realms.
      I am particularly intrigued, on a personal basis, as my daughter-in-law is Canadian and I have (therefor) a half Canadian grandson and am soon to have a half Canadian granddaughter! I am grateful for the nudge you have given me to research the Canadian roots that are being grafted into our family line (though my lovely d-in-l may see it as the other way round).
      Blessings, Neil

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