Approaching the Cross-roads!

For a while I’ve noticed news of how our once noble police force has been silencing street preachers and failing to protect Christians at Speakers’ Corner from Islamists.  Details of today’s news confirm the word that awakened me one night, “MaSk is only ONE letter away from MaRk” (“Wake Up Church!” – few IF ANY pastors/leaders are prepared to teach about and rebel against.that!)  Moreover, pondering how to title this post I found I was typing the one shown above (by Holy Spirit’s inspiration?).

Click image for link to read and watch video

Click image for link to read article

See Wales lockdown isn’t only absurd; it denies freedom of religion by ‘Archbishop Cranmer’.

Note also my accompanying comment to this on today’s Spirit Body Soul >

Click for news on whos’ watching whom…

3 thoughts on “Approaching the Cross-roads!

  1. Thank you Richard. “Freedom to worship is given by God, not government.” The government did not grant freedom to worship and have no legitimate authority to take it away. These officials are treading on holy ground and the Lord will answer. The Spiritual Authority granted by the Lord to His children outranks government authority. When government authority is not in rebellion it properly surrenders to God’s Authority and remains in its place. Since we are tracking here (“MaSk is only ONE letter away from maRk”) and are longtime friends I want to make you and your readers aware of a post I wrote about three weeks ago. The potential for massive government overreach is upon us:

    Blessings to you and your readers.

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  2. Thanks Richard. I appreciate it. I included many footnotes in the article including links with detailed information most people never receive or are aware of, in part due to censorship. We are blessed that so many Christians are waking up. Keep up the great work. (I added the FB button.)

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