Prophecy Check: 1 – Lisa Tierney, Dec 2019 on global pandemic (GPS #46.1)

In being aware of doubts expressed some time ago about claims made of Chuck Pierce having prophesied last September about a coming plague before mid-April, I’ve been watching the situation whenever possible through an exceptionally busy period, which has now gone into overdrive!

After reading Lisa Tierney’s Facebook reference last Monday that God “warned us of the virus on 13 Dec before it hit our shores”, I ask her: “In view of various disputes over prophets not knowing in advance of this pandemic, it would be most helpful if you can provide full source details for the warning you cite as given on 13 Dec, please.”

Lisa quickly replies she’d been thinking of doing that and so gives me a link to a graphic dream she had in December: “…this time I saw this snake and it was black with Bright green stripe. It lunged forward, as if it was thrown forward and came from the TROPICS or jungle-type area. When the Father showed me this. He quickened in the dream that this principality is SICKNESSES and infirmities. Having spoken to others they confirm The Spirit of Death.”

This hadn’t been published as an outright prophecy but an intercessory action, so Lisa was clearly not claiming any credit for it. Therefore, I published both accounts from her Facebook as Fulfilled Prophecy #162.8, one of several relating to the pandemic.

Even so and in view of my above opening reservations, I next ask if she was aware of similar events already happening in China and she replies, “Not aware of anything.. I didnt know anything about it it until it hit the Newspapers I think in January…”

Meanwhile, I find this informative timeline covering that period in WikiPedia: Timeline of 2019-2020 Pandemic from November to December 2019 (drag to expand). Constructed from data compiled after events, it is highly unlikely Lisa was aware of the details:

Moreover, the World Economic Forum provides Key Milestones in Spread of Coronavirus Pandemic:


Note the serendipity of numerical mirroring between the dates: Lisa published her dream on 13 December; on 31 December China alerted the World Health Organisation to its serious situation in Wuhan. The very next day it closed the market where exotic animals from Asiatic sub-tropical and jungle regions were traded. Scientific evidence and discussions about the virus’ source remains inconclusive.

Therefore, Lisa’s prophetic dream is validated not only by the nature of the plague, but also and especially by the date of each public announcement mirroring the other.

6 thoughts on “Prophecy Check: 1 – Lisa Tierney, Dec 2019 on global pandemic (GPS #46.1)

  1. interesting that it was a black snake with a green stripe, as I felt the “black mamba” (snake logo and koBE tattoo) and his virgin 13 year old daughter who died on the day of the hollywood award show was a ritual or sorcery setting us up for this “event” or drill that turned into reality; and the 7 year old boy who had the same dream 7 nights in a row saw a green thing “crowned” without knowing corona meant crown, that a lion/lamb figure then destroys.
    these are interesting times indeed…


  2. I found the dream on a Jon Enlow post:

    “Benjamin’s Dream

    Many of you have heard of the 7-year-old named “Benjamin” who, for 7 consecutive nights, had a most relevant prophetic dream for us today (Will and Dehavilland Ford’s son). In the dream, he saw “a tall, green plant with a crown” squeezing the life out of the world and getting new tentacles and strength as he did. Then the Lord appeared as a Lamb’s body with a Lion’s Face and shredded the crowned plant. Benjamin then saw on a screen, “This ends April 30.” The last 3 or 4 nights of the dream, the “crowned plant” was progressively smaller and weaker. Every dream ended with the words “This ends April 30.” The Passover Lamb is also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and this is the “face” He is now revealing to us and to society.”


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