Weekend Reading: novella published 2014 prophesies plague in UK (FP #162.3)

This month there’s been more references popping up on items of a prophetical nature from six years ago. (The first related to the media mirroring my ‘bulldozer’ vision – three #45 entries at Fulfilled Prophecies refer.)

One directly connecting the prophetic with the current pandemic is a story penned by Kathy Laity, and which Malcolm Sim of Fire International Ministries kindly drew to my attention

Kathy informs Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival, “In 2014 my book The Watcher’s House came out. It’s a prophetic novella based around heavenly encounters but primarily the four teenagers journey to heaven, each encounter Jesus in a different form of healing before gathering the leaves from the trees for the healing of the nations, to bring back with them to earth because there is a pandemic raging. The parallels with what is happening globally are striking and I’ve sensed there‘s a key within the book. I’ve been pondering it for days, then today Lana Vawser released a word about it’s time to release the leaves for the healing of the nations…[per Rev 22 – RB: that No. again!]

“I’ve been releasing a couple of chapters a day…on my blog because it’s so relevant for what is happening with the covid19. It’s a teenage novella which carries hope and promise. If you’re interested, I’ve just posted the third instalment. The link is below.


The Beginning
The Watcher waits at the world’s edge. In this thin place he is always watching. Eyes closed, visions flit across his inner mind; terrifying videos, throbbing with sound.
          ‘They must come soon,’ He murmurs, ‘The whole world depends on them – the whole world!’
          His eyes snap open. He begins to pace, back and forth, back and forth, his long coat flapping behind him. Periodically, luminous Messengers arrive with news of gathering perils.  He collates the information, studies his charts, paces once more deep in thought.
          At specific moments he climbs to his observatory.  Scanning the night sky he gathers data to confirm his growing knowledge. From there, he ascends to the Library of the Courts, seeking out ancient annals which warn of this coming age.  There his discoveries are confirmed.  As his finger rests pointing to words of an ancient text, he muses, ‘So, it has finally come to this!’  He slaps the book shut, gathers his flowing cloak around him and begins the long but hurried descent back to his observatory. Two glowing Messengers accompany him, fully aware his mind is preoccupied. Their duty is to deliver him back safely.
          Once more he’s found muttering. ‘But who are they? What are their names? When will they be revealed?’  Outside he scans to the furthest horizon: north, south, east, west and spies a Messenger arriving as fast as light itself. It skims the horizon flashing as a bolt of lightning, hidden from all but the experienced eye.
          The approach stills The Watcher.  He recognises the One who comes to deliver this message.  Bowing, light shimmering and sparking off him, the Messenger greets him. ‘They are prepared.  They come even now.  This is their hour.’

An enticing narrative, so I encourage you to read How It All Starts (lower on page).

One of Kathy’s friends just having reread The Watcher’s House comments; “I read it a couple of days ago and loved it again. So apposite for these times. Who could have known or seen into the future six years ahead? Only The Father and the Son!!”

MOREOVER, in view of the whole story’s prophetical nature I was pleasantly surprised to see its content echoed very recently by Chuck Pierce’s prophecy team in this update on his prophecy on the pandemic, The Nations In Turmoil:

Your Time to Climb!

God says, “I am releasing a new level of faith within My people! What you did not see in the last season you will now begin to see. You will now begin to see and ascend in a new way. Reach up and climb the waterfall before you. As you reach up, a stairway will form to where I am taking you.

“Climb what I have set in front of you! Climb what I have set in front of you! Although the enemy has laughed and said you will never get to the top and through the next door, this is your time to climb the stairs I have placed in front of you. I am already behind that door at the top of the stairs and laughing at your enemy.

“In this season of overcoming joy, begin to release your laugh and experience My freedom that will enable you to overcome. Even though you may feel you are at the point of absolute failure and defeat, My angels will help you ascend…step by step…and cause you to keep pressing forward.

“I am opening a new portal in the heavenly realm and assigning new angels to help escort you up into the heavenly places and back onto the earth. I stand in the heavenlies and laugh, and I cause you to stand in the earth and laugh at your enemies. For at this time and this season, I will cause you to laugh at your enemies as an overcoming and victorious spirit rises within you as you have not had in times past.

“There is a new source of wind in the earth. This movement is not just My breath that is going forth, but the wind created by the wings of My angelic hosts. I am releasing a unique host to create winds to blow away occult coverings, and to bring forth winds of refreshing and rain from the atmosphere.

“There are things I am beginning to shake within you that will cause a new breath to come into you. As you ascend, you will be positioned on My new trajectory of advance.” (Prophetic word given by: Brian Kooiman, Sheryl Price, Chuck Pierce, Mistie Lohse, Eleanor Roehl, Lisa Lyons, and Dee Dee Roberts)

8 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: novella published 2014 prophesies plague in UK (FP #162.3)

    • Thank you Kathy and VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – may you and Philip be increasingly blessed throughout the years.

      Have only just now found this hidden in spam comments, possibly ‘cos it contains a link (regrettably, these don’t get included in my notifications). The actual link was not under that url name but within the title of each installment in this posting and the follow-up on Birmingham in the news (ie posting FP #162.4)

      Am glad you commented as hoped to have been able to emailed drawing your attention to readers’ comments and to follow-up post.


  1. Kia Ora Richard,
    To my surprise I have had the word “Germ” from the lord.
    You would think there was enough of them about without any extra.
    I have tried to ignor it, but I know if I receive a word it has meaning.
    I have since heard there is a possible follow up germ to the Coronavirus in China.
    Plus it could mean a biological warfare attack.
    According to Amos the Lord warns his annonted first..


  2. Kia Ora Richard,
    I’ve just reread the Chuck Pierce message about laughter and the angel wings.
    The PHIL Collins song about “something in the air tonight” just about sums it up.
    There is something in the air which will destroy demonic forces.
    Praise the I AM.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOL I had an encounter with Jesus last week in which he showed me he was in the business of transmuting the darkness into gold. I came out of the encounter with the song ‘Love is in the air‘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sally Lou.
      Talk about LOL we will all be at it soon.
      I like that song “Love is in the Air”
      Very Much.one of my favs.
      I had an encounter once when I felt the angel wings.
      They were there for protection.
      Thankyou for sharing.
      Praise the I AM.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sally Lou,
        I’ve slept on it and decided to tell you about my encounter with Jesus.
        I don’t know if you saw him in the flesh as you don’t hear of many actual physical descriptions of him.
        Here goes; he actually is very attractive. Christians don’t like to hear that as it doesn’t fit in with their parameters.
        We can acknowledge the bloodied Christ but nothing else.
        One feature I Noticed is that he has chestnut colored hair.
        His eyes were like pools of swirling water.
        He is young and in modern day clothing.
        This is why on his return people will be shocked and there will be knashing of teeth, but it will be too LATE.
        I emphasize this because Christ knows it and doesn’t want any to perish.
        Which is why I am putting it up here.
        Don’t leave it till it is too late.
        Today is the hour of your salvation.
        Praise the I AM.

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