2019-2020 Fulfilled Prophecies, 3 of 3: Tomi Arayomi’s ten prophecies

In this video Tomi Arayomi revisits ten events he’d foreseen and replays their prophetic words, some of which get echoed by national press headlines. In citing them he uses a ‘countdown’ but here their sequence follows this blog’s Fulfilled Prophecies :

#52 – July’17: vision of Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation

#53 – July’19: Boris Johnson as next PM like Churchill: “Let my people go!”

#54 – July’19: sees comparable Johnson:Trump and ‘symbiotic’ relationship

#55 – July’19: sees a second snap general election being called

#56 – Jan’19: foretells at Matlock (!) later unusual flooding in Derbyshire

#57 – Dec’19: hears that election vote will break Parliamentary deadlock

#58 – Dec’19: righteous move of God will cause Britain to roar like a lion

#59 – Oct’19: Philippines’ win unprecedented number of gold medals

#60 – Aug ’16: dream of Trump thanking churches for helping him win election and giving back favour to churches and encouraging pro-Life

#61 – 2018: foresees Nigeria returning to suppression (four prophecies)

It also features a clip about Tomi’s accurate predictions of David Cameron becoming Prime Minister and of Britain leaving the EU.

For previous click on 1 of 3 (exposures/shakeup) and 2 of 3 (three blessings/woes).

1 thought on “2019-2020 Fulfilled Prophecies, 3 of 3: Tomi Arayomi’s ten prophecies

  1. Very encouraging, spot on with Derbyshire/Yorkshire floods. The natural and the spiritual are connected. The main rivers connected to the flooding were salted back in 2007 and God wanted to move then, but the people weren’t ready.

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