Leisa Ebere: prayer alert over warning of LA earthquake

Although not averse to the occasional controversial blog, I’m always wary of ‘doom and gloom’ soothsaying. So I held the following for a couple of days, especially in view of urgent demands upon me – but upon reviewing to acknowledge her, am responding to how Leisa reacted too… 

She writes, ‘I am sending a prophetic vision the Lord has been showing me this last few days, which saddens me greatly, because I spent my childhood growing up in California. But nevertheless, the Lord has instructed me to share it and here it is:


given to Leisa Ebere, November 10-12th, 2019

‘The Lord has been giving me a prophetic vision over several days, warning that a mighty and terrible Earthquake shall be coming upon Los Angeles, California – and IMMINENTLY.  And I saw buildings and bridges crashing down and cars being crushed and people being killed and injured as they were trapped in the rubble, and I saw a large yellow and brown-tinged haze of dust covering the city as some people (the survivors) rose from the city with that same dust upon their faces and clothes. And they were walking towards their appointed places of authority within that city.

Then I heard the Lord say: “My Terrible Shaking Must Come for the Dead to Rise and Heed My Voice. For I Will No Longer Tolerate the Abominations Widespread Across the City of Los Angeles. My Mercy has held back the hands of My Angels, as mentioned in Revelation 7, far too long. Selah, My Heart Grieves For What Must Come, My Child,” says the Lord of Hosts.’

9 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: prayer alert over warning of LA earthquake

  1. Just a thought. Asssuming this is a correct prophecy, do you think the people rising up and going to their appointed places of authority is referring to believers and their first and foremost spiritual authority (I thought at first that it meant like mayors or town councillors or whatever the American equivalent is), but then realise that probably wasn’t what was meant.

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  2. I pray for almighty God to remove the terrible Earthquake that will be coming soon.California have suffered series of bad luck recently such as fire burning down houses, lands,animals and others,and some gun shooting.
    Lord we have sinned but in the mix of sins there are the innocent children, adults, the sick and demented.Please forgive us.All power belongs to you God.Also help our leaders to stop imposing too much taxes on their citizens who are trying to make ends meet.All these we ask in Jesus name amen. The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want.Lord into your hands I command my spirit. We are not perfect, please help us.NO EARTHQUAKE, HEAL THE LAND AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

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  3. I wonder whether this prophecy is for just the Los Angeles area, or, given the tectonic plates going all the way up the western coast, does it apply to a larger area?


    • Dear Rosemary,

      The Lord has only shown me the Los Angeles area. However, I discussed this earlier today with Veronika West, and we are both sensing that there will be a release of several large earthquakes upon the Earth very soon; as the Lord is allowing a shaking to occur due to massive sin, which is running rampant at present… and due to the need for the world to repent. We also believe that He will separate and protect His remnant from such occurrences, as we pray for His protection and grace during these troubled times.

      Leisa Ebere

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  4. I had a dream one year ago about this.

    I had a dream shortly before waking the morning of 07/05/2018 where I was watching a news cast on television. What I saw was a city in total ruin devastated by a massive earthquake.  Buildings were reduced to rubble and there seemed to be rubble everywhere. I was not given a date in the dream just that an earthquake had happened and I was  shown the aftermath. I knew in the dream that I was seeing Los Angeles California.

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