Iran: the global slumber continues — Mark Davidson

The silence is deafening. The world continues on the way it wants to go. The church—especially in the west—continues to be asleep to the events in the world, not believing a bunch of primitive Shia Islamic zealots could cause any real harm, and certainly wouldn’t get in the way of the Rapture which should be […]

continued at The Slumber Goes On and On and . . . — THE FOUR SIGNPOSTS 

ALSO, note Gog-Magog alliance is now getting formal, as flagged by World Watch Daily from Jerusalem Post’s State Media in Iran, Russia Indicate Growing Russia-Iran-Turkey Alliance:

‘Iran’s Press TV tweeted in English on Wednesday with a quote from Turkey’s leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “Nuclear power should be forbidden for all or permissible for all.” Press TV included an image of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appearing to be sweating.

‘Iran’s message wasn’t a secret: the account tagged Erdogan and included the hashtag “#IsraelisExempt”. What is more secretive is the Iran-Turkey-Russia alliance that is emerging and illustrated via state-controlled media.

‘RT, a Russian television network, similarly highlights the greatness of Turkey and Iran as part of a campaign that clearly indicates Moscow’s support for the two. On Wednesday, it tweeted about Iran showcasing its drone expertise amid tensions in the Gulf. It also shared images from Erdogan’s speech in which he slammed Israel. Russian news agency Sputnik similarly highlighted comments by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday morning. “Turkey will probably never buy American aircraft again,” Sputnik noted as well.’

9 thoughts on “Iran: the global slumber continues — Mark Davidson

  1. I have this contact from Israel and although American born, he has made aliya, married an Israeli born lady (messianic Jew) and lives in Arad as an Israeli for the last 15 years. Please see bio below.. George is a gifted pastor speaking particularly on Iran, Israel, and their Restoration in the Light of Prophecy.

    The family is coming to the UK en route to do a speaking tour of the USA and George would like to meet some pastors here, with the view of speaking in their churches in the future.

    Their dates are arrival October 16th Stansted – Nov 5th departure to the USA.

    Please contact him by the contact below

    Worthy Ministries

    phone and text: +1 610.624.4091

    mobile (Israel & WhatsApp): +972 58.628.0216


    George Whitten is Founder and Director of leading pro- Israel Christian news website, and the “Worthy Brief”, a daily devotional/news-brief with a readership of over 25,000. Focusing on Israel, persecution, prophecy, outreach and discipleship, Worthy News has reached millions in over 120 countries since 1999.

    George is a visionary, journalist, astute observer and

    advocate for Israel. He brings a fresh, insightful

    perspective on current events in the Middle East, giving balanced viewpoints on both the political and spiritual atmosphere in the Land.

    Israeli-born Baht Rivka Whitten is an accomplished musician, recording artist and worship leader. Her unique sound is comprised of both original songs and traditional Israeli melodies fused with powerful mid-eastern vocals, clever lyrics and rhythms from around the world. Her compelling music has impacted the nations through television, radio and the distribution of her three CDs, along

    with performances at international conferences and outreaches across the globe. Four songs from her latest CD are currently playing on secular Israeli radio. She regularly gives free concerts and uses these

    opportunities to share the love of Yeshua.

    Married for 17 years, George and Baht Rivka, along with their two children Elianna and Obadiah, hold regular Shabbat Dinner/Music Outreaches from their home in Southern Israel, making a huge meal and inviting the community. Many Israelis have come to know the Lord through this ministry and continue to come weekly. Together, the Whitten Family has also ministered at hundreds of conferences, congregations and convocations.

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  2. The Gog-Magog war is notoriously difficult to interpret. There are several different theories on how to treat the passages in Ezekiel and Revelation. I tend to treat it as an extended war on the basis of using the Maccabean struggle as a type.

    Thus I think the Antichrist will invade Israel at the half-way point of the 70th Week, and it is in this context that he will carry out the Abomination of Desolation. He will occupy the Holy Land and the nations that oppose him will wage war against him (and the Jews may also wage a guerilla war), but he will not be dislodged until the end of the 70th Week. At the end, he will summon further forces to bolster his presence in the Holy Land after Christ has returned in a futile effort to prevent Christ from entering Jerusalem.

    The Gog and Magog of Revelation is another attempt to defeat Christ following the Millennium. It borrows language from Ezekiel to show that it is essentially analogous. Note also that the Armageddon language in Revelation 19, which takes place BEFORE the Millennium, also uses language from Ezekiel.

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  3. Dear Richard,
    I have read an abundance of end-times prophetic stuff, but over the last year I have severely reduced the attention that I pay to it, as I refocus on the renewal of the Church, and the final, the greatest, outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that we might do the ‘greater works’ that Christ spoke of.

    As you continue to write about these end time matters, and in no way am I seeking to chastise you for doing so, I would enormously appreciate it if you could point me to one of your posts that summarizes your overall intent in writing on this subject.

    God bless you richly. Your service to all God’s people is deeply appreciated.

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    • If I may interrupt the conversation. God’s inspiration for Richard in this site may be different to Richard’s intent. I only say this as I am drawn to this website everyday and find the place comforting while I am not worried if a particular prophecy turn out to be true or false.

      I am curious where God is working the Brexit situation. He could have made it easy in one direction or the other but we have arrived at this very complex situation. I no longer live in the UK but am in New Zealand. The NZ media pretty much condemn Brexit as a dangerous global threat to the prevailing liberal progressivism. This really means that Liberals have worked hard to destroy the name and influence of Jesus Christ and they don’t want to see him coming back.
      I wonder why Liberals see Brexit through this Christian prism. I don’t exactly hear Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage saying they want more Christianity. There are of course many Christians offended by the secularism of the EU. Also I noted every man and woman waving a Palestine flag at the UK Labour conference last week and a bit strange that Israel is the most pressing issue on the minds of those people. The World is in an unusual place which is probably one reason for me to keep an eye on prophecy.

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    • Dear Chris, my apologies for belated reply in view of many priorities.

      Imho, both Biblical and contemporary prophecy are essential and we can’t rightly exclude one without the other because they should go hand-in-hand. And of course we check and weigh the latter against the Word.

      This anniversary posting done before we got in contact via Fb should give you a good idea of what happened to get me writing, first by private eml then nearly 2 years later in public blog >

      My ‘overall intent’ may be read in this tripartite mini-series of short posts where I spell out the reasons and signs to watch out for (now accessible as hubs ‘About Signs’ & ‘About Watching’ on full site’s main menu.), Start with

      Happy reading 🙂 I’d also draw your attention to my above response to Nicholas in this thread.


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