Unsolicited insight from the Lord on the PM and POTUS

After I got into the car’s driving seat yesterday morning, quickly glanced at and then threw our morning newspaper over to the car’s back seat, Nina remarked right away:

‘I sense the Lord smiling and saying, “They are My boys, but what they’re going through is as nothing compared to the persecution and murders of My twelve disciples and others!” He’s proud of them.’

Sneaked this shot as Kitty helped by walking all over the paper!

Lisa Tierney also chuckled over this as she posted on Facebook:

To which Sheridan Ann Gay adds, with other remarks, “Oh wow, that word is powerful in this day and time because I hear the words, CHILD’S PLAY, which will be brought down quickly by the hands of God.”

2 thoughts on “Unsolicited insight from the Lord on the PM and POTUS

  1. Tena Koe Richard,
    God does have a sense of humor, he laughs in the heavens. Two blonds leading the world.
    When Johnston’s forebears lived near Istanbul they were known as “the blond ones” His gt.grandfather was Ali Kemel a journalist who fell foul of the government and was hanged.
    Obviously the family is trouble, but Boris has his two angels to protect him.

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