More Press headlines echo prayer and prophecies

These headlines echo a specific declaration Holy Spirit gave to Paul Clift in May as he was having a vision of the fierce spiritual tug-of-war over this nation leaving the EU. He was instructed to call intercessors to declare “CUT!” over our nation (click to read full details).

I’m grateful to Margaret H for drawing this news to my attention. She writes, “I saved the very interesting and prophetic front pages of three newspapers published on August 21st they are indicating fulfillment of the ‘rope’ between us and the EU being cut by the sword of the Lord, as in the tug-of-war prophecy. They refer to our withdrawal of representatives from EU meetings from September 1st.

“The most extraordinary one has the reference to ‘slash’ which suggests a sword, rather than just scissors or a saw.”

Note, there’s also the prayer alert of a year earlier from Neil Mackereth to “Cut and cast off the EU’s tentacles”.  Then in September I blogged about DM’s vision of cutting tree roots from Brussels, and a word from the Lord to Veronika West on His sword suddenly severing the ‘puppet master’s strings, plus another relating this action specifically to USA (GPS#22).

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