In Defence of Freedom of Speech — Gavin Ashenden

TIMES are changing. Two of my great heroes have recently been banned from speaking on university campuses. Twenty years ago they were firebrand radicals, alarming the establishment with their fervour and campaigning. No one silenced them then. Now they have been silenced. Not by the establishment, but by the new cultural bullies.They are Germaine Greer…

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It’s now vital that all right-thinking people take a stand against this deeply insidious and increasing fascism. Gavin draws to this important conclusion:

“And that is the origin of the idea of the hate crime. The cultural Marxists claim the right of the state to look inside your head, deem you to be bigoted and hate-filled, and set out to punish and silence you. They use tools ranging from the Twitter mob to the law. But just like Marxism Part 1, Part 2 won’t let up until the critics have been silenced and the state guards thoughts, as well as speech, of the citizens.

“How can this be resisted? With great difficulty. Words have changed their meaning. People have already been silenced. The young are being nurtured in the practice of censorship and control. The snowflake generation have mixed bad therapy with muddled philosophy and have swallowed it whole.’

“The struggle is between those who believe in free speech and those who add a ‘but’.”

4 thoughts on “In Defence of Freedom of Speech — Gavin Ashenden

  1. In relation to this article by Gavin Ashenden and to political correctness, which is the antithesis of free speech, I recall Lance Wallnau’s encouraging words:
    “I heard the Lord say: ‘Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.’ ” [This is from the Charisma News article, “Why I Believe Donald Trump Is the Prophesied President.”]

    I would say, first, that it seems that God is already answering with respect to political correctness and free speech. Secondly, political correctness is a spirit of intimidation, which we can also prayerfully bind in Jesus’ Name. Thirdly, in the words of President Trump today, we now have a “British Trump” as Prime Minister for the UK. Boris too is much smarter than people think him to be, and is also one who evidently does not bow down to the spirit of political correctness. The religious/political/managerial types will be fretting even more after Boris’s election, as they had first started to do following Trump’s. Even now, so soon, it has even been claimed that Boris is not appearing to be prime ministerial, reminding me of the earlier accusation levelled against Donald Trump that he was not presidential. But, God looks on the heart and works through the foolish things in order to take down man’s pomposity. We also know that the Lord is in control, that He has a sense of humour and that He laughs at His enemies. Fourthly, we need to pray for our new prime minister as well as for President Trump – both for their protection and for their favour.

    PS. Gavin Ashenden’s videoed conversations with Kevin Kallsen and George Conger, entitled “Anglican Unscripted” on youtube are well worth watching.

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  2. Dear Richard,
    We are presently in a war greater, and with much more far reaching consequences than WW2.
    Just to make a statement like that, is to invite ridicule from many/most? UK Christians, but it’s the truth.
    Where is the evidence? As Gavin says here, the evidence is in the silencing of dissenting voices to the current political correctness ie the approved wisdom of our day.
    And it is not just people like Germaine Greer and Peter Tatchell who are being silenced. The bulk of the attack is being focussed against conservative Christianity, against the Judaeo-Christian basis of civilisation.
    Dennis Prager is a good example of what is happening. His YouTube channel, Prager University, produces short, hard-hitting videos on many different themes, but the number of hits has dramatically declined over the past year.
    Because people who produce videos are paid according to the number of hits, this has resulted in a dramatic drop in income for his channel. Dennis recently testified to Congress about this.

    And why is this? It is because when you place a search on YouTube, its algorithms ie the software YouTube uses to display the results of your search, have been programmed to hide conservative sites.
    Meanwhile Facebook has not merely been hiding conservative sites, and sites which are digging under the surface of society, it has been completely removing them. When I recently shared a video in support of Tommy Robinson, FB removed it from my page, with no appeal permitted.
    It is a truth that you dont know where the power lies in society, until you speak up about a particular issue! In the US, Mark Taylor explains over and over again how the tax relief (501c3) has been used to silence churches.
    The indisputable truth is that the churches, especially the UK churches, have become more and more silent, on all the important issues of our day. The secular, God-rejecting narrative has prevailed in our land.
    The Mainstream Media of the western world, especially our own BBC, is now almost exclusively controlled by very powerful people who have rejected God
    However, it has become my strong conviction that the rise of President Trump and BREXIT have both been initiated by the LORD, because he wants to smash the control that hidden powerful people have over our public narrative.
    He is doing this against all the odds, because he wants to use both of our countries as a worldwide blessing, to assist the final end time harvest of souls, before his return.
    It is time for UK Christians to wake up to the reality of what the enemy has so carefully constructed to control our national life, and to understand clearly that our dear LORD is rising up to make his voice heard, and his power displayed.

    Chris Moyler

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