NI-Eire Prophecy Update #16: Ulster-only ‘backstop’?

Roger Jervois keeping watch in South Africa has this update on Wednesday’s news for  Emma Stark’s prophetic word on the DUP and Irish Republic’s PM and Brexit:

“Encouraging signs from the NI/Eire situation as Leo Varadkar exerts more positive influence. He has publicly endorsed what amounts to an acceptance of the Alternative Arrangements working group, which both Boris and Jeremy Hunt are in favour of. This is great news (per BBC News. Veradkhar: NI-only backstop could avoid hard border)

‘Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar said a NI-only backstop would “not go down well with the DUP”, but that it is still an option. 

‘The taoiseach said that while he can see a route to avoid a hard border, the Republic is still stepping up its preparations for one. He said “One option is to revert to the proposal of a backstop in Northern Ireland and not the rest of the UK.”

Last night’s Telegraph Online reports German Chancellor being supportive of Leo’s ideas…“This is easily the biggest coup that Leo has engineered…..zowie!” (RJ)

Continue reading by clicking here for full article. For listing of previous updates see foot of Update #15.

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