A prophetic word for the United Kingdom

Thank you to the Lord and to ’Victoria M’ and Dave Chapman for the following.

Victoria writes, “As I was sitting having a coffee this morning and rereading the words from Veronika West and praying, I received this word for the UK. I have been so encouraged by it (some of it was unexpected – the destiny that the Lord has for the UK) that I wanted to share it with you now!”

Word Concerning The United Kingdom

“I am making a patchwork in this nation and of the nations. Every part of society and area bringing glory to Me like colour and all coming together, knitted, crocheted, becoming something glorious. Names are sown into it like a wedding blanket as this is my commitment and covenant to you UK and NI. You are Mine, I made you to glorify me, set apart from Europe to lead it and to take your place – not in pride but humility. UK ‘saviour of nations’ but it is not you who does this but Me. It was never you and has never been you, whether it has been the sending out of missionaries or going to nations that are now in the Commonwealth, or in war, but Me. You are My instrument, My pot for My use. I love, I love, I love you beautiful UK and NI.

“My hand is on you to make you GREAT Britain again, once more, to take your place in the nations that I have set aside for you in the court rooms of Heaven to judge the nations to be my mantle of grace and righteousness to the nations. The nations that were your children (Commonwealth) are still your family, but this family will expand as it is My family and you are (all) part of the patchwork quilt of nations.

“Shine bright UK and NI as there is much more to come for you – I am not finished with you yet!”

Victoria M, 15th July, 2019

As with all words and visions, please weigh and test with scripture and the Lord.

5 thoughts on “A prophetic word for the United Kingdom

  1. Can I check your meaning here -twice you refer to the UK and NI. Currently Northern Ireland is part of the UK – are you anticipating separation? Then you say God’s hand is on Great Britain which is the Island containing Scotland, England and Wales – not Northern Ireland. Can you clarify your comments please


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