Leisa Ebere: Signposts of Revival Prophecy

In her email of Saturday Leisa writes, “Please find a further Prophetic Word the Lord has given me on 12 June 2019 to encourage His people. Revival is so near and we must fervently and expectantly pray in this next great wave of His Spirit. Hallelujah!”


“The goodwill of harbingers is at hand. And so seven announcements shall be coming forth and released in a series of presences of My Spirit. For clearly signposts of revival shall appear in habitable spaces born of My Spirit and I shall release them upon My People to confirm My Will,” says the Lord:

1 – An authority to smite the enemy. 

2 – A song of deliverance to envelope the United Kingdom.

3 – Radiant & Overshadowing Miracles across several nations.

4 – A Spatial Awakening of the Body of Christ. This space inhabited by My Remnant shall be occupied, says the Lord of Hosts.

5 – Breezes shall turn into High Winds as conviction and weeping causes massive salvation numbers across many nations.

6 – A son of the Royal House of Windsor shall preach the gospel.

7 – A sanctification of many in the political arena across the UK, France and the USA shall come to pass.

“The extremities of man are shackled,” says the Lord, “as a spirit of deception keeps them tied to worldly injustices. Rise up My people and recognise My stamp of authority upon your lives. I have not called you to be ineffective, shy and retiring; but mighty through Me. Let the equipping begin as My Spirit goes forth,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Leisa Ebere, 15th June 2019
Torchlighter International Ministry

For more delivered by Leisa Ebere tap/click here. The first prophetic word Leisa brought to my attention is God’s Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of our Nation. This was followed directly by UK Nationwide Circuit Prophecies; the first of which for 2018 promises the Lord will give prophets “the ability to see clearly My numbers” – and Fulfilled Prophecy #38 refers!

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