Fulfilled Prophecy #25.3 – update: Draining the Swamp

Fulfilled Prophecy #25 is about a version of corruption not covered in the #10 series of fulfilled prophecies (Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics?), viz: the Deep State scandal worse than Watergate and President Trump’s attempts to drain the Washington Swamp being thwarted in an ‘official war’ by past officials in the Obama-Clinton administration.

Published in January 2018 that post was updated three months ago by coverage of the swamp’s failed coup against Donald Trump.

Watch this 7 minutes video for latest developments (thank you Jennie):

5 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecy #25.3 – update: Draining the Swamp

  1. This reminds me a little of the attempt by Absalom to unseat David and God re-instated David following the battle. It also reminds me of the events in the Book of Esther, where Haman ends up hanged on his own scaffold.

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  2. Richard do you recall this dream from 2017?

    I had a dream where I saw eagles perched on top of the White House. I did not get a count but knew there were many in the dream. I then saw people prowling around the White House with a cover over them trying to camouflage themselves to keep from being discovered. It was then that I would see an eagle swoop down, remove the covering , and expose the individuals who were hiding.
    Eagles perch on high places and their eyesight is amazing. I remember hearing the words, “the eagle has landed”, I remember that being from the Apollo moon missions.
    Eagles, from my understanding, are indicative of the prophetic. So in this dream that which was/is done under cover is going to be uncovered. Not only did the eagles see the people under cover but they removed their cover thus exposing those hiding underneath for all to see.

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