Monday newsmix: headlines again echo Brexit prophecy (Fulfilled Prophecy #41)

First, check these extracts with emphases added on the need for humility in Britain, as told in prophetic words brought by Emma Stark of Glasgow Prophetic Centre. On 20 November 2017 she reports deep disarray in devil’s domain

‘And then the Lord started to speak to me about Brexit, in the middle of all of this. And the Lord said this: “You” (you collectively, like, all of us – family) “have prayed for a revival and awakening and reformation in the UK for so long.” And the Lord says, “I have heard the prayers for revival and awakening and reformation.” (but) “I couldn’t come as close as I wanted to, to the UK, because I had to resist her because she was proud.”

‘(Many of us know that, actually, if we were scoring the UK in a pride rating, we would probably score it quite high. And we know from the Word of God that God resists the proud, and we know from the word of God that Leviathan (go and read Job chapter 41 if you want and 42, if you want to read about Leviathan), Leviathan is the strongman demon over pride in the earth.)

‘And I heard God say this: “I will allow a bad deal for the UK in BREXIT, and it will bring a humbleness to the nation. And in the humbleness it will be an answer to your prayers, because it will break Leviathan off you. And in the breaking of Leviathan”, the Lord says, “I will rush towards you with revival and awakening that you have prayed for.” And so the Lord says, “Do not fear the bad deal, for I am in it, and I am disconnecting you to reconnect you.”And the Lord says that there will be a move of God on the back of the humbleness that is going to come to the UK…’

Then in Belfast at the end of this February, she brings a significant word on Brexit, the Backstop and Ireland issues and expands upon that earlier word (see transcript):

‘And the Lord says, “I am making some situations [to] bring nations to their knees right now, and even a humbleness to come within the British Isles, says the Lord, “that I may break the spirit of Leviathan off you and your pride.” For the Lord says, “I cannot come near the British Isles while there is pride, because I am held by my word that says I must resist those who are proud.” But the Lord says, “As there is humbleness and as confusion even opens a door to a hands-up that says, ‘I don’t have an answer – and as that brings a sense of Oh God! We need to look to You outside of ourselves – the Lord says, “Then Leviathan breaks”, and then that revival rushes towards us…’

SO, note Saturday’s front-page headlines that Jennifer brought to my attention:

Also, in As the Brexit betrayal reaches its climax, the elite’s disdain for us Leavers is now disgracefully clear, Janet Daley in Sunday Telegraph concludes,

‘So now we have a Parliament which is defending its right to defy the peoplewhom it openly despises – and a government which supposedly defends the people’s judgement in the name of democracy but cannot even defend its own position in public debate.

‘Neither of the two main parties is fit for power so a general election would be an exercise in futility. And what is worst, the people have learnt something they will not forget about how much they are despised by those who actually run the country.

God help us. The great national virtues of reason and decency are about to be tested to their limits.’

A few recent headlines on the humiliation of Britain and our Prime Minister:

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Thursday 21st March 2019

New Statesman 27th March 2019

The content of the last item (thank you Carolyn) displays the arrogant pride and disdain Janet refers to that has poisoned the Remain camp, and which we believe the Lord will also be dealing with in due course.

Is it possible Theresa May’s saving grace is that the Lord sees her as our ‘scapegoat’?  This may accord with the debatable prophetic word of June 2016 that Charles Shamp brought about her mission.

3 thoughts on “Monday newsmix: headlines again echo Brexit prophecy (Fulfilled Prophecy #41)

  1. Phew! Challenging times as everything seems to be going towards Remain right now. Even Emma Stark’s word doesn’t rouse much faith for brexit. Of course if it’s a choice between brexit and revival we would all choose revival. I guess if we are being humbled and God moves that’s a very good thing…..

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  2. We all want freedom and prosperity for the UK, but not at any price. Revival is the only way forward for us now and nothing less than the manifest presence of God will do that. Israel had to sit ‘under the thumb’ of foreign nations for quite some time – even after the exile in order to be fully brought back into line with God’s word. We may end up needing to pray the prayer of Nehemiah, “But see, we are slaves today, slaves in the land you gave our ancestors so they could eat its fruit and the other good things it produces. Because of our sins, its abundant harvest goes to the kings you have placed over us. They rule over our bodies and our cattle as they please. We are in great distress.” Nehemiah 9:36-37. If this is the only way forward, if the article above is from God (and only time will tell) then so be it. We will have to endure the score of the remain camp for a season and a time until God brings things full circle. In these circumstances our hearts must be fully given over to want God alone and not the immediate comforts that physical prosperity brings.

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  3. Ann Dennis comments at 14:50 Wed 3 April on another post:


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