‘Power and Purification Prophecies’ – #1: The Melchizedek Anointing

Leisa Ebere, through whom the Lord brought a Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of Great Britain and series of six UK Nationwide Circuit Prophecies, emails me as follows:

‘Please find below the powerful Prophetic Words the Lord has given me for 2019, so far. He is sharing with me that a great cleansing is underway in the Body of Christ which will align all of us for the Next Great Move of the Holy Spirit, Hallelujah! He has directed Me to name this collection of prophecies the ‘Power & Purification Prophecies.’


“I am releasing in the next immediate age, a Melchizedek-Sonship Anointing upon My People, where special assignments, as identified by My Spirit, and their successful fulfillment will cause a great assault upon the enemy to reach a place of victory in every way possible for My Kingdom,” says the Lord. “There will be unique and unusual opportunities of My making that cause whole Nations to turn their hearts to Me,” says the Lord. “These spiritual emissaries will be Sons and Daughters of Righteousness that walk with a deeper empowerment and revelation of My Spirit. These individuals will not be held by the oppressions of this world, for their every breath and movement shall be led and inspired by My Spirit. These will be times, as it says in Hebrews 7, ‘that they will abide as priests perpetually’ and their assignments shall be those of war, says God. And their blessing upon others shall be sealed by My Spirit. The Abrahamic Covenant was made for the furtherance of offspring and the possession of lands,” says the Lord, “and so, such a guarantee shall be assured to My People, even in this hour, as they walk with My grace and anointing upon them to achieve great things. But the offspring shall be those saved and brought into My Kingdom; and the lands, the nations of the Earth, as the sweeping length and breadth of My Spirit finds it’s resting place and mantles rest upon the shoulders of authority, which uphold the righteous remnant that stands firm before their God. Transformational shifts in both the Spirit and Natural Realms are at hand, My People. Watch the night skies and the ways of people, for surely many will groan as I position lands and nations in alignment with My purposes,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Prophetic Word given to Leisa Ebere on Saturday, 19th January 2019.

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