Jarrod Cooper: understanding prophecy

Thank you Jarrod for this very helpful clarification, which I’ll offer in answering a critic of politics-related prophecy on Cranmer’s blog:

Yesterday I released what I believe is a prophetic word for Great Britain and Europe, regarding Brexit, nations, revival and prayer (read it here). Garnering thousands of reads overnight, while many were obviously quite used to national prophecy and found it inspiring in some way, some others were confused by it. Please allow to add…

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4 thoughts on “Jarrod Cooper: understanding prophecy

  1. I apologise for being so blunt..

    …but, this word is utter nonsense.

    God’s desire is for a completely Sovereign United Kingdom.

    and thus a complete breakaway from the EU.

    Why is their such confusion and contradictory “words” from Christians over this ?

    …the dark practices and sacrifices of the hidden satanic covens which have always sought to empower this organisation (EU) have released powerful spirits of Lies, Fear and Confusion which have blinded the eyes and ears of most.

    Also the enemy comes as an angel of light, he seeks to counterfeit Gods voice and The Holy Spirits leading…and he’s very good at it. Put another way, he wants you to think the thing you just heard, the vision you just saw or the leading you just felt were all God…

    …When in fact they were not.

    The Remedy: We need to pierce the darkness that surrounds us,

    Praise and Worship is one of the most powerful weapons we have that can do this quickly

    I’ve been worshiping throught the night for the last 8 nights, not my will, God required it from me.

    and i’m convinced a “No Deal” Brexit is something that God wants passionately for this nation.


    • Think this should be on the previous post Harry, and my understanding about complete separation is similar to yours. Yet as Paul writes, “we see through a glass darkly” and as in Jarrod’s closing caveat, ‘As with all prophetic words, the bringer of the message is, of course, fallible! … so please prayerfully judge this before God’. It is re-blogged out of respect for my brother in the Lord and we shall watch how it does or doesn’t come to pass very soon!

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      • Thank you Richard – I think as you imply it’s all the more important to include prophecies that perhaps don’t fit with what we want to hear – otherwise one would wonder whether the general consensus amongst prophecies which your blog seems to show were actually just the result of your own personal preferences.

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        • Appreciate your point Jonathan and thank you.

          As with weighing words, as well as day and night visions, those I publish generally ‘sit well’ in my spirit and time will tell whether or not they’re of the Lord. We all need to note and apply Paul’s advice on using the ‘spirituals’, especially prophecies to be weighed carefully by others (1Cor14:29-32).


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