Jarrod Cooper: prophetic word regarding Great Britain & Brexit

Coincidentally or by ‘God-incident’, this is timely as indicated by – and ‘AMEN’ to –  Jarrod’s closing prayer, because in personal notes to Fulfilled Prophecies #39 & #40 I linked to my night-vision of Sept 2011, as recounted in Father Let Your Kingdom Come!

While in prayer today I sensed God speaking into the nation at this time of political upheaval (Brexit) and change. Sorry if any of these concepts offend anyone’s political views, but let me simply explain what I saw: I saw Great Britain as a tree that once stood alone, but was now hidden among a…

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8 thoughts on “Jarrod Cooper: prophetic word regarding Great Britain & Brexit

  1. Use of the word “extreme” to describe a clean break rather betrays Mr Cooper’s political prejudices on this matter. Does this invalidate a prophecy? No. But it certainly seems to have had some colour added along the way.


    • Thanks and agree yet, as replied to Harry in next post, I recall Paul writes, “we see through a glass darkly” and as in Jarrod’s closing caveat, ‘As with all prophetic words, the bringer of the message is, of course, fallible! … so please prayerfully judge this before God’. Yes, regrettably our fleshly foibles can ‘colour’ a word and Revd Dr Sharon Stone says she’s in the habit of delivering prophecy rapidly so her own mind doesn’t get in the way and start analysing it.

      This word is re-blogged out of respect for my brother in the Lord and we shall watch how it does or doesn’t come to pass!


      • You’re right, should have been the previous post.

        There is a place and a time, of course, for being cautious with the things of God. Especially surrounding “words” Thats for sure, However, there is also a place and time for hearing the word of God Clearly and with certainty so as to take action. Consider the following: 1 Corinthians 14:8. “If the trumpet sounds a muffled call, who will prepare for battle”

        again not looking to upset anyone but his “word” is the equivalent of a “muffled” call


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      • Cooper has responded to a similar comment I made on his website and, to be fair, says that use of the word was intended to be neutrally descriptive rather than a value judgement. Nonetheless, vocabulary choices often betray presuppositions and biases – they certainly do with me! – even when attempting to be as impartial as possible.


  2. This prophecy does seem to contradict heaps of other ones which you have posted over the last few years Richard, but I wonder if the contradiction is less than it appears – especially if we look at the picture and take less notice of his own interpretation of it, which he helpfully distinguishes.

    So as for the picture itself – it seems it involves the tree being separate from the other trees (light on the ground right around it) but still in the forest. Perhaps the fundamental message – although I realise this is me interpreting someone else’s prophecy, which must be one of the most dangerous games going – is that although Britain will be separated from the EU, we will not just turn our back on Europe in the wider sense. That could fit with, for example, Veronika West’s iceberg prophecy, where the chunk calving off that represented Britain didn’t simply float away but rather (implicitly) stayed close enough that the waves it created caused other chunks to break off as well.

    Anyway, just a thought, it could equally be totally right or totally wrong – time will tell.

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    • Thanks for your careful consideration of this word Jonathan and, spiritually, I doubt very much there will be a clean separation from Europe because Jesus told us to “Go, preach the Good News”. Eg. David Hathaway isn’t the only one who has an evangelical mission to Eastern Europe but also a friend of ours, whom we heard this morning, has a mission in Bulgaria and says thousands attend meetings in stadiums, and healings often follow his preaching and teaching.


  3. There are forces at work who seek to eradicate the knowledge of Jesus Christ from the world. It would seem illogical at a point in history where there is rising a global confrontation against these post modern anti Christian forces, that we would see Christians meekly stop and step back and allow the post modern forces to continue with their work.

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