Eve-of-Prayer for UK prophetic word and dream – #2

The second Eve-of Prayer item was posted by Tony Puccio in Tucson, Arizona soon after 7am Mountain Standard Time, which is 2pm Greenwich Mean Time.  Tony tells me the dream came soon after midnight Friday and awakened him. Thus, it happened only a few hours before Saturday’s morning session at the Day of Prayer for Britain. He’s particularly impressed by confirmation (here) of the snake he’d seen in Parliament, and readers will recall his dreams of Big Ben, the symbolism of later ones having proved accurate:


For those of you that follow my blog, especially those across pond, you will recall that I posted a vision after reading about the devastating vote regarding Brexit held by Theresa May. I described a large snake slithering through the House of Commons and stated that the snake was fear and deception. (Brexit Must NOT Be Allowed To Fail)

Last night I had a dream where I saw, what looked like the coast of Europe, and saw thousands of black snakes, much smaller than the large one I saw in the Brexit vision, coming into England. However, I also saw crosses being stuck into their tails so that they could not proceed any further. These snakes, also fear and deception, were meant for the people of England but were being stopped by the crosses.

Additionally, I saw a cross in Big Ben that one could look up at like the serpent was raised up in the wilderness by Moses so that those who had been bitten by the venomous snakes could look up and live. The battle for the soul of England is still raging and therefore much prayer and intercession is still needed. This is not a time to take off your armor.

Tony Puccio – 25 January 2019

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