Tsunami, another dream (GPS#26.2)

Yet another instance of God’s GPS (Global Prophecy Signals) as Tony in Arizona published this on New Year’s Eve and in his New Year’s Day message, Neville in Australia writes, “The awaking of the Kingdom within you will bring a tsunami of revelation and understanding.”

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream where I was in the aftermath of a tsunami. I was in a rowboat and all around me were church buildings that had been demolished by the tsunami parts of which were floating in the water a d I could tell that they had been part of a church. It was dangerous to be in the water because of the demolished buildings and it was also very difficult to navigate. If I remember correctly it was also night. In the natural one would not venture out in such conditions nevertheless this is where I was. There were people in the water that I was pulling into the boat I was in. I am guessing that they had been in the church buildings that had been demolished by the tsunami. In the previous tsunami dreams I’ve posted on this blog they have referred to a great move…

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2 thoughts on “Tsunami, another dream (GPS#26.2)

  1. I have had a couple of weeks of awakening after accidentally coming across Australian evangelist Nick Vujicic on youtube. In my lifetime I don’t think I have seen a phenomenon as powerful as the holy spirit working through Nick.

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