God has heard our Prayers… and it will be established

This updates my reblog of the ‘As One’ prayer gathering for the Smith Wigglesworth and Jean Darnall visions, and confirms the vision of ‘ripples’ seen during 6 Oct’s Mentoring Day about which I’ll blog about shortly.

Call The Nation To Prayer

IMG_5918 The two staffs, symbolically joined with a crimson cord, lifted high ar Meriden

It is a little over two weeks since our ‘As One’ gatherings in the heart of the nation, and with our ‘webmaster’ having just returned from holiday, we can start to release some further reflections from, and feedback received from the day.

There will be further Blog Posts, and the website itself will be gradually updated with more about the event, with links to some more of the prayers and declarations used.

Firstly, here is a reflection from CTNTP founder, Peter Hill, which was initially shared with our Team:

‘To share a thought from the book of Job and from: ‘Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation’ by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce (which I am enjoying reading)… we have Job 22:27-28* (plus other scriptures) which underlines the following:

‘He has heard our prayers’ and…

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2 thoughts on “God has heard our Prayers… and it will be established

  1. We would have been with the Prayer Day except another granddaughter was married that day! I made the one in London with David Hathaway early September. Many blessings., Dave.


    • Many congratulations to you and Ann. You may have noted from the reblog that I was totally unaware of the event but left ‘God-smacked’ at how the Lord had not only got me to blog at length on Jean Darnall but also then made it dawn upon me that her description in ’67 of the questions and desire in churchgoers to regain 1st Century power was also the very reasons I went looking for that the same year but in the enemy’s camp (as in the not-republished part of my testimony > see https://richards-watch.org/2013/10/03/my-search-for-truth-leads-into-captivity/

      AND that Sat 29th I attended Thanksgiving service at Acorn Healing Foundation, where we’re ‘on-team’ and the director referred to the Lord giving us ‘markers’ of important dates in our lives! So I remained ‘smacked’ and not surprised to learn the Prayer Day went very well.


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