Breaking News: EU President reiterates Brexit free-trade deal

According to Westmonster, this afternoon President of the European Council Donald Tusk tweeted that his offer of a Canada super-plus free-trade deal for Britain’s leaving the EU still remains on the table, as above. The Brexit briefers’ short report states:

‘Tusk’s comments confirm what Brexiteers have been saying all along, the EU has always had this offer on the table and we could go for a real Brexit.

‘Theresa May claims a Canada deal would break up the UK economically as it would not apply to Northern Ireland, however, the ERG (European Research Group) say this kind of Brexit can work for Northern Ireland with a comprehensive paper published last month.’

1 thought on “Breaking News: EU President reiterates Brexit free-trade deal

  1. Hmm I think the implied conclusion from that article is premature. I think the situation is that Donald Tusk is still offering the deal to the UK minus Northern Ireland, which is why he says the offer “remains” in place: nothing has changed.

    The only way the ERG’s Irish-border solution can change anything in terms of a trade agreement is if the EU accepts it, which I don’t think has happened. We can’t unilaterally decide on the scope of a trade deal, after all. The EU may accept the ERG’s analysis in due course and offer us a trade deal for the whole country, but on past form I am not hopeful!


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