What NOT to Watch for in the End-Times, by Nelson Walters

Here, Nelson brings his incisive mind to bear upon the fuller meaning of what could be the pivotal timing indicator of prophesied signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Be sure to read the discussion thread too :

Most Christians know we are to watch for events in the end times. But do they know what NOT to watch for? Might our own theories of the end times deceive the church? What to Watch for This is the third article in a series about watching. In the First Article (READ HERE), we defined…

Continued in What Not to Watch For in the End Times — The Gospel In The End Times

3 thoughts on “What NOT to Watch for in the End-Times, by Nelson Walters

  1. Richard, thanks for this. I studied Revelation and Daniel back in the 80’s as the Lord woke me in the night. As you may gather from some of my notes I reckon there is a lot already past that folks think is still to come! They may be right, but most of it does not settle easy with me. I even question there is a 7 years to come anyway – as Jesus The Prince was “cut off in the midst of the week”. As He is the only One that could “make an end of transgression etc” in the previous verses of Daniel 9, He seems to be the One that makes the Covenant for us.

    If that is the case it blows the whole scenario open!

    Have fun! and blessings, Dave.

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  2. Email received on Fri 2 Feb from Lood Krynauw:
    Dear brother Richard

    ‘I am from Pretoria, South Africa and a regular reader of your website. I enjoy your site and I want to thank you very much!

    ‘Just a comment on your current series on the end-times from my side:

    ‘Yes indeed, a lot of us ‘grew up’ with the teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. And yes, I have read many articles portraying the different outcomes but until it happens, I do not think we will be knowing for sure.

    ‘Consider our God and His amazing Word, what we have learned from quantum physics and the reality that we are most certainly currently dealing with more than one possible outcome. I am actually sure the way we, the Church, responds to the completion of the Great Commission, will play a huge role in how things will work out. We have examples in the Word of how prophetic words , i.e. Jonah and Nineveh and Hezekiah’s death, have panned out differently because of the response of the people involved.

    ‘We are co-heirs or co-workers and I believe we can influence the outcome since I actually got the impression that there are enough arguments in the Bible to justify each of the different theological opinions in this matter. We are living in the most exiting times of all the ages!’

    Keep up the excellent work!
    God bless, Lood Krynauw


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