The Kingdom Call To Righteousness – Leisa Ebere

Fascinating that this was received hot on the heels of my posts about praying for the holy, reverential Fear of the Lord to fall –  

Adhering to God's Laws

Adhering to God’s Laws (source unkown)

Leisa Ebere writes, ‘This Global Prophetic Word that the Lord gave me earlier today, 09/12/17, is meant to instill to His Body of believers the next move of God’s Spirit and the necessity of Walking in His Righteous Laws and Commandments, in order for the Mighty Spiritual Breakthrough God intends for us to come.

‘The Lord would say: “Be watchful of the signs of the times, My sons and daughters, as I position people and events to ensure My Will is at the forefront of this country and the nations of the Earth. I have seen the zeal and earnest hearts of My Remnant and I will no longer sit at the periphery of global operations as My People walk aimlessly with their minds distracted  towards worldly aspirations and pursuits.  I am Alpha and Omega, and I hold death and hell in My Hands; and My Armies are being mobilised by prayer and intercession born of My Spirit, to bring life to a captive world,” says the Lord.

“Seek My Open Heaven,” says the Lord, “in all humility and grace, forsaking self promotion and wealth, and watch Me as I give you both My Resources and My Anointing to perform miracles amongst the masses. And know this My People, I am preparing a new door of greater intimacy with Me. For each single minute of your day must be saturated with My Presence, to ensure MY Revelation and Favour rests heavily upon you,” says the Lord.

“There is coming, a Season of Statutory Prominence of My Laws and My Commandments; and I am raising up a royal priesthood to carry out what I have ordained since the beginning of Time. My authority shall be their trumpet call, as the unrepentant bow their knees and answer the call of My righteousness and My peace. Do you not know My People, that there must be a great contending in the spirit realm before the true and lasting breakthrough can come?

“Awake O’ Sleepers! Heed the call of My Spirit, as you walk without compromise before your God,” says the Lord of Hosts.’

Lesia Ebere, 9th December 2017

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