UK Nationwide Prophetic Circuit Messages – #6


Leisa prefaces her email, ‘These Six Prophecies are already acting as a vehicle to gather God’s Prophets for a higher purpose; and I believe from this day forward we will see a mighty change as the Winds of God’s Spirit blow hard upon the United Kingdom and many places around the Earth, Hallelujah!’.:

I saw Seven Candles burning brightly in a row and the Lord spoke to me, and said:

“These candles represent Seven Waves of My Spirit. And with each Wave of My Spirit, My Prophets shall enter further into the Holy of Holies and come back with scrolls of My Counsel, so that they are empowered with My Anointing and My Instructions. For these Waves will not only refresh My Body of Believers, as in times past, but they will also sharpen My People’s vision so they can understand the times and seasons that are upon them, and so they can move as one to bring about My End-Time Harvest as they battle the strongholds of the enemy. The last Wave of My Spirit will be the Prevailing Regalia of My Glory, and will result in Multi-National Impact as the evil networks of the enemy are brought down in numerous countries.

“Beloved, there will be a spiritual war like none that has ever been seen before in the UK, and beyond; with my Prophets leading the advance as My People move with military precision against the enemy, according to the Plans and Strategies I have ordained. For Leviathan seeks to cause a spirit of deception to blind the eyes of My Children. But I tell you, his vulnerabilities are being exposed by My Unified Prophets, and My Sickened Body shall be made well, as in Mark 16:18.  For I tell you, My Prophets will not only have the authority to pick up and deal with this serpent and his cohorts; but his poison shall by no means hurt or distress them as they walk in the commission I have given them. For I am tearing down the altars of Baal raised up falsely in the name of religion. For there has been great sacrilege committed and attributed all to My Name, and such things I will cast down like lava from a mighty volcano until every wicked work is destroyed utterly and completely,” says the Lord. “And as I, the God of Peace, crush Satan under My feet so a new season will begin as thousands upon thousands of the enemy’s captives are set free and brought into My Kingdom,” says the Lord. And the Beacons of My Spirit shall burn brightly like torches burning on the side of a mountain and these torches shall catch the enemy’s habitat on fire, and the mountains shall melt like wax and be cast into the sea. My People are precious to Me,” says the Lord “and those rescued through the Seven Waves of My Spirit shall bear the mark of My Protection. 

“Respect will be gained for My Prophets, as rock stars to highly esteemed politicians will see My Hand upon them, and all addictions and sexual sin will be cut off as their hearts soften and they acknowledge their need of Me. Beloved, do not presume to know My intentions without seeking My Face. For only I know what lies deep within the heart of each man and woman. And revealing that I can see into their lives through My Prophets will cause these people to know that I, Jehovah Rapha, am real; and that I long to heal them,” says the Lord.  

“My Prophets, take the science-fiction out of your prophetic words, for I have called you to press in to Me and get tangible, detailed messages and strategies. You have chosen symbolism rather than speaking the detail I am trying to show you; because of fear of man. Be calm and walk in peace and understand the detail of My Words. This is not a case of ‘Light Sabres at the Ready’ for exhibition purposes only, but real spiritual revelation given by Me; and I will be detailing clear instructions to My Prophets, which must be executed well to achieve My Will,” says the Lord of Hosts. For I have called you to a higher purpose, My Prophets. I have called you to rebuild the cities and bring restoration and peace to places that have long been devastated by the enemy with every form of wickedness for generation upon generation. Know this, My People, I am bringing My Prophets up to higher place so that they can feel My Glory as they go into that secret place with Me and hear My Voice. And I declare to you in this hour that, if My Prophets are not influenced or blocked by the spirit of fear, then MIGHTY SHALL BE THE WORDS UPON THEIR LIPS, FOR OCEANS WILL BE DIVIDED AS MY WILL AND MY PURPOSES BRING ABOUT THE SALVATION OF MY PEOPLE,” says the Lord of Hosts. 

Given to Leisa Ebere in its fullness on 17/11/17

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[In grateful acknowledgment to ‘Rick’ for the splendid picture.]

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