The Rapture Parable — The Gospel In The End Times

Did Jesus share a parable on multiple occasions in order to explain the Rapture? Is this “Rapture Parable” his most misunderstood parable? (This article was written in response to a request by a reader to explain the parable in Matt. 24:28) Our traditions sometimes determine what we think a biblical parable or illustration means. This even can…[continued in The Rapture Parable.]

Richard writes: My brief remark on the ‘Rapture’ in the post on The Shaking implies I have some reservations on that New Testament topic. Rather than rely on Paul’s letters alone, I prefer to start at what Jesus Himself says about that ‘in-gathering’, especially when we look at the original Greek rather than translations! (EG. see Fresh insights into Jesus’ role in Creation, covering implicit knowledge of the laws of quantum physics.)

Considerations of our prophesied ‘Rapture’ should not overlook Jesus’ explanation of the wheat & tares parable (Matt 13:40-43 ) and saying the Great Tribulation will be shortened for the sake of the elect (Matt 24:22). That is, they/we will go through it, even if protected (Rev 3:10).

Therefore, I highly recommend Nelson Walters’ blog and pursuant discussions of this fast approaching event to all my readers…

12 thoughts on “The Rapture Parable — The Gospel In The End Times

    • I’ve heard of that b4 and agree as it permits great flexibility in the Lord’s weaving His tapestry according to human and demonic activities. I think Nelson’s thesis of pre-wrath gathering is lucid.
      All that, however and especially dispensational ideas, are usually disregarded here as oddities of American theology, and hardly anything gets taught in UK!

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    • He teaches well and considerately but have already heard of Jesus’ seven letters to the churches treated as prophetical of Church history. That has merit but disagree with John’s ascent at Rev 4.1 being applied to that timeline and thus surmising it means ‘Rapture next!’.


  1. Hi
    I’d highly recommend Robert van Kampen’s book ‘The Sign’ as a starter to study the ‘pre-wrath’ position. Then, for more detail, and an updated treatment, go to ‘Before God’s Wrath’ by H.L.Nigro.
    I’m 57 this year; we need to be sharing these scripturally based teachings clearly to the next 2 generations on both sides of the Atlantic.
    God bless

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  2. Richard Barker, this is an interesting site, blessings! Are you a pre-tribber/ dispensationalist yourself? I’m from London (currently living in Essex) and I have found that, like you said, whenever I mention that I’m a dispensationalist, ppl straight away say “ahhh, that American evangelical idea” (or something along those lines haha.


    • Thank you for your appreciation RH and hope you’ll continue to dip in as and when possible. In view of Jesus’ Olivet discourse I’m not fully convinced of merits of pre-Trib position and tend toward Nelson’s pre-Wrath ideas – but am sure the Lord has lots more surprises for us (and to catch satan unawares!) before then.


      • Greetings, thanks for the reply 🙂

        I have several friends who hold to the pre-wrath position (I’m still a bit confused as to whether pre-wrath folk are dispensational/progressive…hold to 2 or 7 dispensations…(I’ve heard Jacob Prasch speak of 2) –

        Some say that the pre-wrath position, does not contradict a general dispensational framework – Jacob prasch seems to say that dispensationalism, while a more biblical system than Covenant Theology (obviously), goes too far.

        I’d be interested to know your views? Are you dispensational? Do you hold to a distinction between the church and Israel? Is the main difference between the pre trib and pre wrath interpretation just to do with the timing of the rapture?

        P.s, No rush to answer – I’m just interested and trying to learn more about the various thoughts. It’s no easy task as there are so many views. I’m always open to changing my own views too (I’m not rigid on these things)

        Thanks in advance, and God bless you this Saturday


        • Regret don’t spend time contemplating the detail (study Bible gives 8 alternative approaches!!). Yes, pre-trib and pre-wrath relate to timing. Am tad wary of JP’s ideas in view of his inconsiderate temperament.
          Definitely a clear distinction between Church and Israel and think Replacement Theology incorrect, as proven by Advent scripture readings. These have yet to be fulfilled in their entirety as Jesus isn’t yet ruling His Jewish people – very interesting times to come and very soon!

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