Brexit – God’s mercy triumphs over judgement

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for this from Stuart Wentworth published today. Its second part reminds me of the ‘ditch-digger’ youth team of 1990s across churches in Reading (one member of which had a vision of what’s happening there this year as blogged here):


1. In the week leading up to the 23rd June I had a strong sense of spiritual travail, I was aware of being in labour is about the only way to describe it.

2. Following the result on hearing the furore from the Remain side I had a strong sense that the Lord had come down and placed his feet on the UK, in particular the financial square mile of London to deal with a root issue in the nation, that of greed, love of money, covetousness (which is idolatry) and hedonism. What happened on the 24th June was that the voice of Great Britain went round the earth and shook every financial institution in the world. I believe this was a prophetic statement as to how the voice of the church in the UK will again be heard in the earth and will deal with spiritual principalities and powers.

3. In the aftermath, a few weeks ago in a worship time in a meeting in Southampton I had a ‘video vision’ in which I saw the UK just after WW2 and it was in light. I sensed I saw the Lord looking at the nation but turning away in sadness. He seemed to say ‘I have to go away, defend until I come’. As the video ran over the years the light over the Nation began to dim. There were occasions when it seemed that light had shone again, eg. 1950s Billy Graham crusades, 1960s and 1970s with the charismatic renewal, 1990s with Toronto, but the overall trend was always downwards with increasing darkness. As the darkness grew I began to see small lights appearing over the land which slowly increased especially in the last 25 years or so. These I understood to be people interceding and crying out for God to move. This included many who came from overseas lands who received the Gospel from this land and came to stand with the church in this nation.

What I sensed overall was that ‘under the radar’ the Lord has been preparing a remnant and digging ditches of relationship across the UK. I believe the intercessory prayer, the praise and worship has been ascending to heaven and filling the bowl and that this bowl has now been filled. What I understood was that we have passed through an ‘exile’ period of 70 years, this has been our judgement. We have thought it was something that was coming to us but we have been in it for this period. I believe this exile time has now finished and that the Lord has drawn a line and said ‘enough’, the bowl is full. Now he has turned his face towards us and now is the time as it were to return to re-build the altar and foundations as in Ezra. Mercy and grace have triumphed over judgement. This is for his Name’s sake not ours. He remembers his purposes for this nation and in particular he remembers those over the last 200 years who have left to proclaim the Gospel in other lands and many who laid down their lives for him.

As the church begins to recover I sense we will yet pass through a time of opposition because the nation will still be going downwards and the enemy will resist all attempts at recovery. But now God is on our side as our Father even if he still needs to bring correction to us as his children it will be in love so that we might share his holiness.

Stuart Wentworth, 6th August 2016

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